Six great places to travel around Korea this June

Six great places to travel around Korea this June

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Summertime in Korea provides great opportunities to explore off-the-beaten-path locations around the country.

The Korea Tourism Organization has named six places around the country as a ‘place to visit in June’.

The recommended places are:

1. Sacheon — Located in South Gyeongsang Province, its become famous for the Sacheon Ocean Cable Carwhich opened to the public in early 2018.

2. Gadeokdo, Busan — Gadeokdo Island which houses the famous Gadeokdo lighthouse built in 1909, is often referred to as the ‘Island of History,’ and is the largest island in Busan.

3. Yeongheungdo, Incheon — Three sandy beaches, including Nae-ri, Simripo and Janggyeong-ri are highlights of this former strategic military island.


4. Seonyudo, Jeollabuk-do — The combination of Seonyudo’s natural beauty, seafood and the ability to really “get away from it all” make it an ideal retreat.

5. Geogeumdo, Jeollanam-do — Picturesque landscapes and a slow lifestyle make this a nice place to get away from it all.

6. Wando, South Jeolla Province — Great seafood, one of the country’s best arboretums and lovely nature make this port island a must visit.

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