Speakin’ Korean: Trip talk!

Speakin’ Korean: Trip talk!

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

- Let’s plan our next vacation! Where shall we go? Daeum hyuga gyehoegeul sewoyo! Eodiro galkkayo?

- Beach vacation. Mountain hiking. Boat cruise. Haesuyokjang piseo. Deungsan. Yuramseon yeohaeng

- I will search for our next trip. Na-neun da-eum yeo-haeng-ji-leul chaj-a-bol geo-e-yo.

- Let’s try some fun activities. Jaemiinneun hwaldongeul hapsida!

- I will need a SIM card when we go overseas. Uriga haeoero gal ttae naneun SIM kadeuga piryohaeyo.

- How much money do I need to bring? Doneul eolmana gajyeogaya doenayo?

- Where is the nearest currency exchange? Gajang gakkaun hwanjeonsoneun eodieyo?

- Should we rent a car? Chareul billilkkayo?

- Pack your bags! We’re going to ______.  Jimeul ssayo. Urineun ______euro galgeoeyo!


- Visa: Bija  

- Passport: Yeogwon

- Plane Ticket: Bihaenggi tiket

- Cooking lesson: Yori gyosil

- Museum tour: Bangmulgwan tueo or  Bangmulgwan yeohaeng

- Ziplining: Zipwire

- Standup paddleboard: Standup paddleboard

- Surfing: Seoping

- Swimming: Suyeong

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