Starfield City: The Newest lifestyle mall in Busan

Image: Starfield City website
Image: Starfield City website

Starfield City: The Newest lifestyle mall in Busan

haps Korea Magazine

Busan’s first Starfield City opened on Thursday in Myeongji International New City in Gangseo-gu.

The newest lifestyle mall in the city has three floors below ground and eight floors above ground with a total area of ​​100,000m2, a floor area of ​​27,000m2, and 1,300 parking spaces.

A total of 100 stores are located within the facility, including E-Mart Traders and EveryDay, restaurants and cafes, an Electro Mart, H&M, Starbucks, a trendy floor designed for kids and a rooftop garden with spectacular views.

A BMW dealership is located on the first floor of the mall.

Image: Shinsegae

What to Enjoy Inside

The Myeongji Branch has the advantage of its location which offers great views by facing the sea.

On the second basement floor, discount bulk store E-Mart Traders offers great deals on many household items.

The City Lounge, a community space for new town residents in the center of the first floor is a meeting space with dining and on weekends, various performances and guest lectures for children will be scheduled.

The first floor also houses a BMW dealership and a Starbucks.

The second-floor hosts fashion stores including H&M, home appliance store, Electro Mart, and a Cinnabon.

On the third floor which is geared for kids to enjoy, a Champion and Imaginary Sketch Play, as well as a Toy Kingdom and a Culture Academy, are built amongst other shops focusing on children.

The 3rd floor ‘Eatopia’ has about 40 national restaurants nationwide including Pungwonjang, and Hongdae Gaemi.

“Star Garden” is a rooftop space of the 8th floor which has a family garden with sea views. The garden has a wooden cabin with over 900 books and is decorated space where families can relax and read or play a game of chess.

Pet Park, which is about located in the middle of Star Garden, has a lawn plaza and a drinking fountain for dogs.

The mall is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

E-Mart Traders and EveryDay will be closed every second and fourth Sunday of the month.

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