Stripes' team here to help you explore, Part I

Photo by Denisse Rauda
Photo by Denisse Rauda

Stripes' team here to help you explore, Part I

by Chris Carlson, Publishing and Media Design Manager
Stripes Korea

Whether you are in mainland Japan, Okinawa, Korea or Guam, we’re going to help you get off base and explore. We’ll help you find that tasty restaurant, eye-popping day trip or fun festival that really lets you dive into the local culture.

And don’t worry, we’ll take it step by step. We’ll show you how to get on a train, bus or taxi. Or if you are driving, we’ll show you where and how to park. Seriously, we’re here to hold your hand, help you take some baby steps and then set you free, with the knowledge that if you ever get lost or are looking for some travel tips, destinations or anything else, all you need to do is click on to this website, pick up one of our community papers, magazines or special supplements to get all the free information you seek.

So how do we compile the thousands of stories that are at your fingertips? Well, besides partnering with dozens of outside organizations from around the world, we also count on you, our military community, to submit stories. And you always come through!

And then there’s our team: writers ChiHon Kim (Korea), Shoji Kudaka (Okinawa), Takahiro Takiguchi (mainland Japan) and their editor, Denisse Rauda (mainland Japan). Yes, that’s them in the photo out front hard at work. Yes, hard at work. You see, for us to do our job properly, we have to go out and experience things first-hand so we can tell you about it, offer tips and give you directions. The picture was taken in June in front of the iconic big Buddha in Kamakura, during a 5-day gathering at our headquarters in Tokyo. It was a week where our writers, page designers and web team could brainstorm story ideas and discuss how to best display and tell the tales of our adventures.

And it was a week to show ChiHon a little bit of what Japan has to offer on this, his first visit to the country. And what better way to do that than take a daytrip. When we planned the trip, we also considered our Okinawan, Shoji, and what his tropical paradise-influenced take might be on a mainland excursion.

When we chose the picturesque, touristy (and, perhaps, clichéd) Enoshima and Kamakura areas as our destination, we did so with the attempt to kill two birds with one stone. ChiHon and Shoji would get to see some of the more popular spots like the Daibutsu (Great Buddha) and the sky candle on Enoshima Island, while Hiro and Denisse, who have seen and done that multiple times, would use that lens in search of less-common activities and attractions.

The four of them, a motley crew from different generations, cultures, backgrounds and interests, piled into a van and headed to the beach. In the next couple of weeks, you’ll read all about their trip, what they learned, what they liked and what they would probably skip next time. So, sit down, and let our crew tell you about themselves and show you how to enjoy a day of surfing, fish pedicures, picture-taking, lots of walking … and lots of laughs. Yes, they have a tough job, but they do it for you.

Here are the rest of the stories for Part I of this package. Hope you enjoy!


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