Stroll the beautiful walking course at Namhae's Hwajeon Byeolgok-gil

Images: Namhae-gun
Images: Namhae-gun

Stroll the beautiful walking course at Namhae's Hwajeon Byeolgok-gil

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Take a lovely autumn stroll at Hwajeon Byeolgok-gil in Namhae in Gyeongnam province, the seventh course of Namhaebarae-gil.

Selected as one of the top 100 “untact” tourist places for fall by the Korean Tourism Organization, the 16.2 km trail runs through the German Village, Samdong-myeon, Naesan Reservoir, Wind Trail Museum, and Butterfly Ecological Park.

Walking along the lovely autumn hues, you can marvel at the spectacular scenery and views of the South Sea from Pyeonbaek Natural Recreation Forest to Cheonhama-eul.

Namhaebarae-gil is a 231km walking trail that includes 16 main courses and three branch courses.

Barae is a local dialect word from Namhae for the work of mothers going out to the tidal flat to provide seafood for their families.

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