Summer tourist attractions while social distancing in Gimhae, Korea

Summer tourist attractions while social distancing in Gimhae, Korea

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The city of Gimhae recommends tourist destinations that can satisfy both healing and relaxation while social distancing is possible during the summer vacation season. 

Focusing on the natural environment, non-face-to-face summer hot spots focused on safe spaces where there is not much contact between tourists due to the low density of the natural environment.


Saengrim area 

If you go to Saengrim-myeon, there is Gimhae Nakdonggang Rail Park full of unique rides, Chabak, which has emerged as a new travel culture, and Saengrim Auto Campground where you can camp.

Nakdong River Rail Park provides a variety of leisure experiences by reinforcing the contents of 10-seater mini trains such as kantong trains, go-karts, electric bicycles (four people), and electric bikes. 

Nakdong River Rail Park, the representative tourist facility of the region with railbikes, wine caves, and train cafes centered on the 1km long Nakdong River Bridge in Korea, has been selected as a safe tourist destination in Gyeongsangnam-do.  

Saengrim Auto Camping Site near Nakdong River Rail Park is the largest camping site in the area with 93 camping sites on a 38,000 m2 (11,500 pyeong) site. 

The Saengrim area is also famous for ‘Saengrim Hanwoo’, which is recognized by gourmets for its quality beef. 


Gimhae City

Dispersion Castle, which was recently selected as a safe tourist destination in Gyeongsangnam-do, is a fortress built to prevent Japanese invasions. You can walk along the wall while enjoying the cool breeze, or you can enjoy the panoramic view overlooking the Gimhae plain and city at a glance. The ‘Queen’s Sunset’ at sunset is also famous. 

Dispersion Castle can be climbed on foot from the bottom of the mountain, but if you bring a car, you can use the Gimhae Gaya Theme Park parking lot. Gaya Theme Park is one of 15 tourist destinations in the province that participated in the ‘Korea Safe Travel Campaign’, which runs from this month to the end of the year. This campaign is jointly promoted by the Korea Tourism Organization and 17 metropolitan governments across the country to present standards for safe travel. 

Gimhae Astronomical Observatory is also worth a visit. The third public astronomical observatory in the country operates a special summer program every weekend until the end of August by reservation system. There is a forest road (cypress forest) that runs all the way to Sodo Village, so it is good for a walk and there is also a Sanseong Duck Village with delicious white rice. 


Jinrye area

Gimhae Buncheong Ceramics Museum in Jinrye-myeon was selected as one of the top 100 non-face-to-face travel destinations in Korea by the Korea Tourism Organization last year. Buncheong Ceramics Museum is the first exhibition hall specializing in Buncheong ceramics in Korea, and the exterior of the exhibition hall is shaped like a traditional Korean tea bowl.

In addition, there is Clayarch Gimhae Art Museum, the world’s first art museum specializing in architectural ceramics, right next to Buncheong Ceramics Hall, where you can see traditional ceramics and modern ceramics in connection. Clayarch Gimhae Museum of Art has 5,000 ceramic works covering the exterior walls of the exhibition hall, so the building itself is ceramics, architecture, and painting. Jinrye Pyeong Village Baeksukchon is famous for its surrounding food. 


Neighboring Valleys

When it comes to summer resorts in Gimhae, you cannot miss the valleys near the downtown area. There are Sinan Valley and Daecheong Valley in Jangyu-gwon, and Jangcheok Valley in Sangdong-myeon. 

You can visit Shinan Village in Gwandong-dong to get to the Sinan Valley, and you can enjoy various foods at the same time while climbing Gulamsan Mountain and around the valley. 

Daecheong Valley is a 6 km long valley formed at the foot of Mt. Bulmo. Not only the beautiful scenery, but also the taste of duck and chicken baeksuk is excellent, so there are a lot of tourists who enjoy food tourism. 

Jangcheok Valley is one of the two natural valleys representing Gimhae along with Jangyu Daecheong Valley and is located at the foot of Sineosan Mountain 630m above sea level. 

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