Take a walk on Duryu Ecological Trail in Korea

Image: Sancheong-gun
Image: Sancheong-gun

Take a walk on Duryu Ecological Trail in Korea

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Duryu Ecological Trail, where visitors can enjoy the refreshing energy of the Jungsan Valley while viewing Cheonwangbong Peak of Jirisan Mountain, has been completed.

Sancheong-gun in South Gyeongsang province announced that it had opened a 1.2km section of the Duryu Ecological Trail starting at the entrance of Jungsan Village in Jungsan-ri, Sicheon-myeon.

Sancheong-gun spent 1.2 billion won on the Duryu Eco-Trail Project, and construction began in October 2020 and was completed in July 2021.

Currently, only the section constructed in Sancheong-gun has been completed and opened for exploration. In the future, Jirisan National Park also plans to install a 1.2km long ecological trail to make it easier to access Jirisan.

The Duryu Eco-Trail was named after the fact that the nickname of Mt. Jiri is Mt. Duryu.

You can walk while admiring the fresh air, fresh forest, alongside the beautiful views of Jungsan Valley, and can appreciate the huge strange rock formations that are the size of a house along with the roaring sound of the water from the valley.

Sancheong-gun also installed a viewing deck at every important point so that you can feel the atmosphere of Jungsan Valley and when you reach the top of the currently constructed trail, you can see a huge pile of stones.

These trails have been recently praised by tourists thanks to the effects of tvN’s weekend dramas ‘Mt. Jirisan’ and ‘Step-by-Step Recovery’.

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