Tongyeong City promotes safety inspection of campgrounds and amusement parks this summer

Image: Tongyeong City
Image: Tongyeong City

Tongyeong City promotes safety inspection of campgrounds and amusement parks this summer

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In order to prevent safety accidents and create a safe environment in preparation for natural disasters such as the peak summer season and typhoons and heavy rains, Tongyeong City is promoting safety inspections of campsites and amusement park facilities until mid-August to establish a safety management system for tourist destinations and prevent safety accidents.

The main inspection items for the campsite include installation inspection of warning signs in hazardous areas such as landslides and floods, an inspection of drainage facilities in preparation for heavy rain, and safety accident response and evacuation in case of emergency.

They plan to additionally check the operation status and the actual state of fire prevention management for caravans. Minor matters discovered during the inspection will be corrected on the spot, and if the matter is serious, measures will be taken in accordance with the relevant regulations.

In addition, in the case of the amusement facility business, the safety manager qualification, completion of education, and compliance with the placement standards along with whether the facilities and equipment standards of the amusement facility business are met are planned to be intensively checked.

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