Tongyeong Cultural Heritage Night Trip Jun. 3-5

Image: Tongyeong City
Image: Tongyeong City

Tongyeong Cultural Heritage Night Trip Jun. 3-5

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Hosted by Tongyeong City and the Tongyeong Hansan Daecheop Cultural Foundation, and sponsored by the Cultural Heritage Administration and Gyeongsangnam-do, the 2022 Tongyeong Cultural Heritage Night Trip will be held from June 3 to 5 under the theme of ‘Manhasebyeong – Dancing Cultural Heritage’.

It consists of 18 detailed programs for eight nights, including performances, exhibitions, experiences, and markets, in seven cultural heritage base areas that symbolize the Big Dipper, from Tongyeong Samdo Sugun Tongjeongyeong to Yoon Sang-sang Memorial Park.

Cultural properties night culture enjoyment program using historical and cultural resources

The Cultural Heritage Night Tour is a cultural asset support project supported by the Cultural Heritage Administration to enjoy nighttime cultural properties such as viewing, experiences, performances, and exhibitions of cultural properties using local historical and cultural resources based in a densely populated area.

The Cultural Heritage Administration support project first started in 2016 under the theme of “Creating the night with history”, and Tongyeong was selected in 2019 and celebrated its 4th year this year.

Cultural heritage night trips include night views, yaro (walking streets at night), night paintings, and night scenes.

The theme of the 2022 Tongyeong Cultural Heritage Night Trip is Manhasebyeong  – Dancing Cultural Property

The name of Tongyeong Sebyeonggwan, a representative historical, cultural, and tourism resource of Tongyeong comes from the Chinese poem “Manhasebyeong”, which means “to wash weapons by drawing the Milky Way”.

This year’s Tongyeong Cultural Heritage Night Trip is a night tour that connects cultural assets and surrounding cultural facilities such as museums and art galleries, centered on Tongyeong Samdo Sugunjeongjeyeong, the base cultural property, through a historical experience demonstration program, traditional games, traditional food, and traditional culture accommodation experiences.

Utilization of stories and images of the Big Dipper, Yi Sun-sin, and Artist Street

Last year, the Tongyeong cultural heritage night tour program was operated by dividing it into five zones, east, west, north, and south centered on Jeongjeongyeong Street using the traditional Korean color of Obangsaek.

Tongyeong City Museum, and Yun Sang Memorial Park are planned to operate a variety of programs along the 1.7km route.

In addition, depending on the participation level, Sangpyeong Tongbo and Seoho Traditional Market discount coupons, Tongyeong Bam Sea marine tour boarding discount coupons are linked with the stamp tour so that it can be an opportunity to look around the living places of famous artists such as Yoon Sang Memorial Park and understand their lives and activities.

Tongyeong Cultural Heritage Night Trip to Revitalize the Local Economy

This year, they planned the “Chojeong Street Alley Art Fair” using alleys and empty shopping streets on Chojeong Street, Hangnam 1st Street, and provided opportunities to form the culture and art market of Tongyeong through exhibitions, experiences and art auction events.

Tongyeong-like Cultural Heritage Night Tour

The cultural heritage night excursion discovers and utilizes the value of Tongyeong cultural assets, and induces resident participation in connection with local public institutions, cultural facilities, tourism resources, and local commercial areas.

The cultural city of Tongyeong received high praise for its cultural heritage night tour.

Accordingly, this year’s 2022 Tongyeong Cultural Heritage Night Trip is organized and operated with unique exhibitions, experiences, performances, and tours using Tongyeong’s historical, cultural, and tourism resources, public institutions, and cultural facilities.

In Tongyeong Samdo naval force Tongjiyeong Sebyeonggwan, programs such as media art directing, performances, demonstrations, exhibitions, and experiences of intangible cultural assets in the functional and entertainment fields of Tongyeong are held.

In addition, the Tongyeong Urban Regeneration Support Center will set up the “Tongyeong Urban Regeneration Project Promotion Center” to inform the various urban regeneration projects currently taking place in Tongyeong.

Last year, the Tongyeong Cultural Heritage Night Tour restricted the participation of not only tourists but also local residents to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infectious disease.

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