Tongyeong-Hansan Ferry starts nighttime operation

Image: Tongyeong City
Image: Tongyeong City

Tongyeong-Hansan Ferry starts nighttime operation

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Tongyeong City and Hansan Agricultural Cooperatives started the nighttime operation of the Tongyeong-Hansan ferry on February 28, 2022 as a win-win cooperation project to solve the long-cherished wish of Hansan-myeon residents.

A commemorative ceremony was held in the presence of 130 people from Tongyeong City, Hansan Agricultural Cooperatives, and related organizations prior to the historic first night trip.

Night services have been difficult to sustain due to lack of profitability, but since the start of operation of the Hansan Nonghyup Car Ferry in April 2019, it was possible as the Hansan Agricultural Cooperatives actively expressed their intention to operate at night.

Tongyeong Port and other issues such as the extended operation of the passenger ship terminal were resolved, and on February 8, Tongyeong City and Hansan Agricultural Cooperatives finally signed a business agreement.

Hansan Nonghyup Car Ferry is a daytime passenger ship that operates between Tongyeong Port and Hansan Island in Jeseungdang, Uihang.

It is scheduled to depart Tongyeong Port at 7:30 p.m. with one-night service added and re-enters Tongyeong Port at 8:40 p.m. through Jeseungdang.

This night service is the first of its kind in Gyeongsangnam-do, and it will provide marine transportation convenience to island residents who have experienced inconvenience as passenger ships are operated only during the daytime, and will give tourists the impression of being able to enjoy the beautiful night view of Tongyeong Port on board.

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