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Dry 40ºC (105ºF) can be durable. But 35ºC (95ºF) with 80% humidity is another story. Sadly, the latter is what we go through every summer in Korea, which is not very ideal for outdoor activities.

Seoul and the surrounding cities, however, constitute a huge metropolitan area that includes places for numerous indoor adventures. Can’t think of what to do or where to go with kids on steamy hot weekends? Trazy suggests some of the most fun indoor places in the greater Seoul area.

1. Onemount Snow Park & Water Park: Choose a Season!

Onemount in the city of Goyang, referring to itself as “The Best Playground on Earth”, consists of a shopping mall, snow park, and water park. It is the world’s first theme park that delivers winter and summer fun 365 days a year. The water park is equipped with indoor and outdoor slides, surf wave pool, flowing pool, and aqua play. The snow park keeps a wintry temperature throughout the year.

Winter? Summer? Choose a season you like to enjoy at Onemount.

Onemount Water Park

  • ALL-DAY TICKETS (Ticketing and admission from 10:00 am): 50,000 KRW
  • AFTERNOON TICKETS (Ticketing and admission from 3:00 pm): 22,000 KRW

Onemount Snow Park

  • ALL-DAY TICKETS (Ticketing and admission from 10:00 am): 35,000 KRW
  • AFTERNOON TICKETS (Ticketing and admission from 3:00 pm): 13,000 KRW

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2. Lotte World & Aquarium: Massive Theme Park Complex in the Heart of Seoul

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Lotte World and newly built Lotte World Mall have everything you need and whatever you want for a family-friendly weekend. Lotte World is located in the eastern part of Seoul at Jamsil station, divided into indoor ‘Adventure’ and outdoor ‘Magic Island’. There is an ice skating rink inside Lotte World where you pay separately for usage (Discount available when you purchase a passport ticket).

Lotte World Mall is a shopping mall complex including a department store, duty-free shop, aquarium and cinema all in one building. Lotte World Aquarium, boasting Korea’s biggest water tank, is home to 650+different species. Exotic marine lives such as white beluga whale, Humboldt penguins, cownose ray, and Piranha inhabit 15 different themed zones of the aquarium. Take the subway line 2, get off at Jamsil Station, and enjoy from theme park adventures to an underwater world.

Lotte World

ALL-DAY TICKETS (Ticketing and admission from 9:30 am)

  • Adult: 52,000 KRW
  • Youth: 45,000 KRW
  • Child: 41,000 KRW
  • Infant: 13,000 KRW

AFTERNOON TICKETS (Ticketing and admission from 4:00 pm)

  • Adult: 41,000KRW
  • Youth: 36,000KRW
  • Child: 32,000KRW
  • Infant: Free of Charge

*Infant: under 36 months / Child: 36 months ~ 12 full years / Youth: 13 ~ 18 full years

Lotte World Aquarium

  • Adult: 29,000 KRW
  • Youth: 27,000 KRW
  • Child: 25,000 KRW

*Child: 36 months ~ 12 full years / Youth: 13 ~ 18 full years / Infants under 36 months are free to enter

For more details:
➔ Lotte World:
➔ Lotte World Aquarium:

3. Woongjin Playdoci: Feel Like Skiing in Summer?

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Do you miss winter sports in the hot & humid summer of Korea? Woongjin Playdoci brings a perfect solution to you. Woongjin Playdoci may seem similar to the indoor theme parks previously introduced above. However, its uniqueness lies in its indoor ski slope, the one and only in Korea. Its 150m long and 70m wide ski slope offers skiers and snowboarders a venue to enjoy their favorite winter sports just as if they were in the middle of winter. On top of that, the winter village brings the white romance with white snow falls.

This versatile sports complex, while not having shopping malls, solely focuses on sports activities. Woongjin Playdoci literally has everything from the all-weather indoor water park & luxurious spas to Korea’s largest golf range.

Summer Slide Park (Snow Park)
ALL-DAY TICKETS (Ticketing and admission from 10:00am)

  • 30,000 KRW

AFTERNOON TICKETS (Ticketing and admission from 3:00pm)

  • 20,000KRW

*Infants under 36 months are free to enter

Water Park & Spa
ALL-DAY TICKETS (Ticketing and admission from 10:00am)

  • Adult: 50,000 KRW
  • Child: 40,000 KRW

AFTERNOON TICKETS (Ticketing and admission from 4:00pm)

  • Adult: 35,000KRW
  • Youth: 25,000KRW

*Child: 36 months ~ 12 full years

For more details:

4. Trick Eye Museum & Ice Museum

If you’re looking for some unique experience in Seoul, do not miss out Trick Eye Museum. Trick Eye Museum is a 3D art gallery where visitors interact with paintings, posing themselves just right so that they look as if they are part of the art pieces. Ice Museum is located inside the Trick Eye Museum. Everything in the museum is made of ice and since the museum maintains the temperature at -4ºC (24.8ºF), you’ll feel the chill the moment you enter the museum. You can enjoy a variety of ice sculptures under fun themes such as Rudolf slides, Santa Claus, Penguin, Igloo, Ice Castle, Vampire and more!

Trick Eye Museum & Ice Museum

  • Adult: 18,000 KRW
  • Children: 12,000 KRW

For more details:

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