Top 10 2022 inbound safe tourist destinations in Gyeongnam, South Korea

Images: Gyeongnam Province
Images: Gyeongnam Province

Top 10 2022 inbound safe tourist destinations in Gyeongnam, South Korea

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Gyeongnam Province announced that 10 tourist destinations in the province were selected for the ‘2022 Inbound Safe Tourist Destination* Promotion Project’ jointly promoted by the Korea Tourism Organization and 16 regional governments.

An inbound safe tourist attraction is described as local government-recommended excellent quarantine spots where foreign tourists visiting Korea can visit with confidence during the “With COVID” period.

This project, which is being promoted to promote safe Korean tourist destinations to foreign tourists as limited international tourism (travel bubble) resumes during the recovery period and limited international tourism (travel bubble), comprehensively evaluates the attractiveness and response of foreign tourists among excellent quarantine destinations recommended by metropolitan governments.

125 tourist destinations selected through expert monitoring by the Korea Tourism Organization will participate.

Gyeongnam safe tourist destination participating in this project submitted a pledge to comply with quarantine rules.

The 10 locations include:

  • Changwon Jinhae Marine Park
  • Jinju Fortress
  • Tongyeong Dipirang
  • Sacheon Sea Cable Car
  • Gimhae Gaya Theme Park
  • Yangsan Korea Palace Flower Museum
  • Namhae German Village
  • Sancheong Donguibogamchon
  • Hamyang Daebongsan Recreational Valley
  • Hapcheon Video Theme Park

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) opens a dedicated page on the foreign language website (Visit Korea) and promotes participating tourist destinations through overseas social networking services (SNS).

In addition, they decided to actively encourage the use of safe tourist destinations when developing products for Korea, such as producing promotional materials for safe tourist destinations in four languages ​​(English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), and Japanese) and distributing them to local travel agencies through overseas branches of the corporation.

Gyeongsangnam-do and the relevant cities and counties plan to continuously check the quarantine status of participating tourist destinations and actively create an autonomous quarantine environment for tourist destinations so that participating tourist destinations can comply with the quarantine rules provided by the Korea Tourism Organization.

Participating tourist sites have decided to create a safe travel environment by complying with the quarantine rules for tourist destinations suggested by the Korea Tourism Organization, and providing information services such as foreign language promotional materials so that foreign tourists can visit them conveniently.

In addition, Gyeongnam-do plans to promote safe tourism destinations throughout the year in preparation for the full-scale resumption of international tourism in the future, such as online promotion using SNS for foreign tourists.

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