Top attractions for tourists in Gangwon-do

Top attractions for tourists in Gangwon-do

by Haps Staff
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South Korea has become a very popular destination with tourists, offering both stunning beaches and mountain landscapes for those who want to enjoy nature as they relax. And beyond that, interesting, innovative urban spaces for those who are more used to city lights. In 2019, over 17.5 million people visited the country, a new record.

Gangwon is no exception to this popularity, and the province reflects that, boasting a newly-built $400 million airport (Yangyang International) to service the area. This means that foreign tourists who want to come and visit have an easy, central way of traveling, and the area is also accessible by train and boat for any Koreans who live outside of Gangwon. There is plenty to see and do in the mountainous province, so here are a few favorites to get you started.

For: Nature-lovers

Gangwon is home to four national parks and several natural monuments, so there is plenty available for those looking to get back to a more open, organic environment. Possibly the most famous is Seoraksan National Park, in the East, which spans 163.6 square kilometers and covers four cities and counties. It was made a National Park status in 1970, the first one in South Korea, and remained a popular destination since, and in 1982 it was made a UNESCO Biosphere Protection site. It is a popular hiking park, as it totals 30 peaks including Seoraksan itself. There are two Buddhist temples, Sinheungsa and Baekdamsa, inside the park, both of which are beautiful and historic – Sinheungsa is potentially the oldest Seon temple known.

If sea and sand is more your thing then you will be pleased with all Gangwon has to offer, with stunning views and beautiful oceans they are all perfect for relaxing on. Anmok beach is getting a special mention thanks to its famed coffee shops, which serve caffeinated and culinary delights along the shore. It has a casual vibe and feels a little less ‘touristy’ than some of the other, larger beaches in Gangwon.

Photo by Bayu jefri from Pexels

For: City cats

For those travelers who prefer an urban setting, Gangwon is more than equipped to entertain and inspire. One of the most interesting options is Kangwon Land, which is a company that takes disused mining land and transforms it, developing abandoned mines into entertainment venues. The most famous is Kangwon Land Casino, which is the largest casino in the country. Gambling has long been a popular form of entertainment, and its popularity is on an upward curve across the world – on their list, Bonusfinder gives examples of the best deals on UK online casinos, of which there are over 105 licensed sites. Kangwon is currently the only casino in South Korea that allows Koreans to play, as well as catering to lots of visitors.

Photo by Drew Rae from Pexels

The capital city, Chuncheon, is a great spot which is very convenient to access by car if you are doing a road-trip. It has an excellent selection of restaurants and cafés with traditional Korean food as well as fusion mixes that will keep your tastebuds interested. The urban area is smaller than travelers may expect compared to London or Paris or Seoul, but it is well worth a visit and is much more walkable for those who have limited time.

Whether you are looking for natural beauty or cityscapes, Gangwon-do has a lot to offer, and tourists should keep it on their lists when considering South Korea as a travel destination.

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