Traditional crafts at Namsa Yedam Village, Sancheong

Image: Sancheong-gun
Image: Sancheong-gun

Traditional crafts at Namsa Yedam Village, Sancheong

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A traditional handicrafts exhibition and experience events will be held in Namsa Yedam Village in Sancheong, filled with the atmosphere of old ancestors, such as traditional old houses and spouses of ancestors.

According to Sancheong-gun office, the 14th Sancheong-gun Craft Association Art Exhibition and Sales & Experience Event will be held from the 26th to the 30th in Namsa Yedam Village, Danseong-myeon.

This event is hosted and hosted by the Sancheong-gun and Sancheong-gun Crafts Association and 23 members of the association plan to showcase 40 works including ceramics, woodcrafts, calligraphy, paper, leather, and textiles.

The handicraft exhibition is held at the Soon Yijini Gallery in the 1st parking lot of Namsa Yedam Village. Crafts sales and experience booths were also installed in the parking lot so that visitors could easily experience traditional crafts.

In addition, a sales booth where you can see various agricultural products produced in Sancheong and products made using them will be installed.

Image: Sancheong-gun

During the event, the Onnuri Gift Certificate Payback Event will also be held in the shopping districts around Namsa Yedam Village. If you submit a receipt for more than 50,000 won, you will receive a 5,000 won Onnuri gift certificate (maximum 30,000 won per person per day).

In particular, on the first day of the event, at 2 pm on the 26th, the art group specializing in Madang Drama, ‘Theatrical Company,’ opens the event performing Gilnori instead of a traditional opening ceremony.

During the exhibition, Sancheong-gun is planning to make every effort to promote safety during quarantine management, such as wearing a mask, managing the visitor list checking temperatures, providing hand sanitizers, and banning tasting events during the exhibition period to prevent COVID-19.

Image: Sancheong-gun

Namsa Yedam Village is a famous place with a 3.2km-long old earthen stone fence designated as a National Registered Cultural Property (No. 281). In 2011, it was selected as the “most beautiful village in Korea”.

‘Yedam’ means an old fence and also implies that we greet guests with politeness. About 40 traditional hanoks built in the 18th and 20th centuries remain in this village.

There is also Kisan Gugakdang, the birthplace of Kisan Park Heon-bong, who wrote ‘Changak Daegang’, a great teacher in the Korean classical music industry and a Korean classical music dictionary and also Sancheong Isajae (Gyeongnam Cultural Heritage Data No. 328), which is said to have been the home of General Yi Sun-sin, who was a servant of Baekui.

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