Ultimate Guide to the Best Autumn Foliage Destinations in Korea

Ultimate Guide to the Best Autumn Foliage Destinations in Korea

by Trazy.com

Autumn has arrived! Korea has already started get colored in with its beautiful orange, yellow, and red leaves! There are so many places that you can go to enjoy this awesome season, and here is a list of the top destinations in Korea


1. Seoraksan National Park
[Best Time to Visit] - September 27 ~ October 16
[How to Get There] - bit.ly/Autumn_Foliage_Seoul

Seoraksan National Park, home to the third highest mountain in Korea, Seoraksan, is a great place to see the autumn foliage. Blessed with dramatic mountain peaks, unique rock formations, and gorgeous valleys, Seoraksan is stunning year-round, but the autumn views are truly spectacular. By mid-October, most of the hiking trails should be covered in deep red and yellow leaves!
If you are planning to visit Seoraksan National Park, here are some great tours for you to check out! 

Seoraksan National Park & Wondae-Ri Birch Tree Forest 1 Day Tour from Seoul

Seoraksan National Park Hiking tour

Seoraksan National Park & Naksansa Temple 1 Day Tour

Seoraksan National Park & Nami Island 1 Day Tour

2. Naejangsan National Park
[Best Time to Visit] - September 17 ~ November 3
[How to Get There] - bit.ly/Autumn_Foliage_Seoul

Another popular autumn foliage destination in Korea is Naejangsan National Park. The park is particularly famous for its vivid crimson foliage, 600-year-old nutmeg trees, and waterfalls. There are two famous Buddhist temples at Naejangsan National Park, Baekyangsa Temple, and Naejangsa Temple. The tree-lined path from the Hiking Information Center to Naejangsa Temple, densely packed with 108 trees, offers a breathtaking canopy of colorful autumn leaves!

Here is another 1 Day Tour if you want something extra.

Naejangsan Mountain Autumn Foliage & Jeonju Hanok Village 1 Day Tour from Seoul

3. Odaesan National Park
[Best Time to Visit] - October 1 ~ October 14
[How to Get There] - bit.ly/Autumn_Foliage_Seoul

Known for its beautiful thick forest of fir trees, Odaesan National Park was used as a location of the hit Korean drama, “Goblin,” starred by Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun. The nearby Woljeongsa Buddhist Temple, located in the valley east of Mount Odaesan, founded in 643, is another stunning site to take in the autumn foliage.

4. Daedunsan Provincial Park
[Best Time to Visit] - September 19 ~ October 25
[How to Get There] - bit.ly/Autumn_Foliage_Seoul

A home to many different temples for you to visit, Daedunsan Provincial Park has been known as the grandiose rock peaks of Macheondae Summit. It also has lush trees filling the area along with strange rocks. You can also get a chance to see the view from a hanging bridge called Geumgang Guremdari!

5. Songnisan National Park
[Best Time to Visit] - October 15 ~ October 30
[How to Get There] - bit.ly/Autumn_Foliage_Seoul

Songnisan National Park has deep valleys and many Natural Monuments that attract many hikers and tourists. Upon visiting, you can find the largest temple in Korea called Beopjusa but wait that’s not all! You can also find Cheeongdongmireukbul which is the largest buddah statue in the world!

Seoul has other great tours and festivals available for you to check out!

Autumn Foliage 1 Day Tour (Seoul <-> Vicinity) 

DMZ & Haneul Park Silver Grass Festival

Mindungsan Mountain Silver Grass 1 Day Hiking Tour

Incheon 1 Day Tour from Seoul (Autumn Foliage Tour Option)


1. Jirisan National Park
[Best Time to Visit] - October 11 ~ October 22
[How to Get There] - bit.ly/Autumn_Foliage_Busan

Looking for a leaf-peeping getaway from Busan? Head out to Jirisan National Park, Korea’s oldest and biggest national park, home to the second tallest mountain in South Korea, Jirisan (1915m). Famous for its wild beauty and vibrant fall colors, Jirisan National Park is one of the most popular foliage destinations near Busan. The drive from Busan to Jirisan takes about 2 hours, which is close enough for a day trip. One of the best viewing spots in Jirisan is the Baemsagol Valley, a 9-km long valley with small streams and rock beds set against a backdrop of vibrant fall colors.

2. Gayasan National Park
[Best Time to Visit] - October 14 ~ October 27
[How to Get There] - bit.ly/Autumn_Foliage_Busan

Gayasan stands tall with the highest peak at 1,430 meters above sea level! Gayasan is known to give you one of the best views in the country! One of the features at Gayasan is the Yongmun Falls and Hongnyudong Valley, which has 380 different species of plants and 100 species of birds and other wild animals!

3. Juwangsan National Park
[Best Time to Visit] - October 28 ~ November 1
[How to Get There] - bit.ly/Autumn_Foliage_Busan

Juwangsan is the third largest rocky mountain in the country. Though it might be comparably smaller, that makes it a great spot to take a walk around following the trails and valleys that lead up to the waterfalls! Juwangsan National Park is an impressive tourist site due to not only it’s Autumn foliage but also the waterfalls, caves and temples.

4. Palgongsan National Park
[Best Time to Visit] - October 18 ~ October 26
[How to Get There] - bit.ly/Autumn_Foliage_Busan

Admire the Autumn leaves on the trees lining the 16.3km-long trail that runs through the park at Palgongsan National Park! Located in the outlier of the Taebaek Range in the southeastern part of South Korea, it attracts many tourists all around the year! Make sure to see what the big deal is about with this magnificent place!

If you are planning to visit Busan, check out the tours below for something more! 

Autumn Foliage 1 Day Tour (Busan <-> Vicinity)

Gyeongju Autumn Foliage 1 Day Tour from Busan

Busan Pink Muhly Habitat Fields & Geyongju Historic Sites 1 Day Tour


1. Hallasan Mountain
[Best Time to Visit] - October 15 ~ October 30
[How to Get There] - bit.ly/Autumn_Foliage_Jeju_Vicinity

One of the must-visit places, Jeju Island also has a beautiful Autumn foliage destination as well! Hallasan Mountain has majestic cliffs, steep slopes, interesting rock formation and more! The hiking trails around the Hallasan Mountain is also a great place to visit if you are in Jeju Island!

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