Unusual activities to do during holiday in South Korea

Unusual activities to do during holiday in South Korea

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Korea is a fascinating country, filled with natural beauty, rich culture, and incredible nightlife.

But, while some are content with walking guides and beers in the sun, a lot of people want a more vibrant holiday. One where you can experience the authentic Korea, through its more weird and wonderful locations and attractions.

So, today we give you four unusual activities that you can do on holiday in Korea.

Visit the Hello Kitty Cafe
When you’re on a holiday anywhere in the world, it’s very common to find a nice cafe and enjoy a drink. But, if you find generic landscape photography, wooden seats, and staring at the backs of people’s MacBooks boring, then take a trip to the Hello Kitty Cafe instead.

Absolutely filled with Hello Kitty imagery from floor to ceiling, this cafe is a visual fantasy. And customers can enjoy coffee with Hello Kitty coffee-art and bright pink strawberry pancakes.

Everything from the wallpaper to the seats, and even the bathroom fixtures, is Hello Kitty themed. So, if you love this Kawaii character, then pop along to the Hello Kitty Cafe in the Hongdae area of Seoul. Alternatively, take a trip to Hello Kitty Island, on the island of Jeju.

Seoul Rage Room
The last thing you want to be is stressed when you are on holiday. But, if you carried any anxiety or anger with you from home to Korea, then why not swing by the Seoul Rage Room and vent your frustrations?

In recent years, escape rooms have been very popular. But, with this experience, the idea isn’t to escape the room. But to break everything in it!

Costs vary, depending on what exactly it is you want to break. For example, a basic plan includes ceramics. But, pay a little extra and you could enjoy smashing up a load of modern tech. It really does depend on what you fancy smashing to pieces.

Samsung d’Light Museum
The Samsung brand is synonymous with Korea. And, if you love modern technology, then the Samsung d’Light Museum is the place for you. Located in the aptly named Samsung Town in Seoul, this museum is an homage to the innovation and creativity of the Samsung brand.

Furthermore, patrons can get a glimpse of the new technology that is just over the horizon. Including the latest gadgets, games, and online casino platforms. With lots of interactive exhibitions and shows, this museum is a Mecca to tech-heads.

Alternatively, you can also look for good casino alternatives online, available on both your phone and laptop while you wait for the technology to reach you in your home country.

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital
We end our list on possibly the most unusual activity that you can do in Korea. For the ‘dark tourists’ out there, take a trip to the Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital in Gyeonggi.

Billed as one of South Korea’s scariest places to visit, it is an abandoned medical facility. Which local people believe is haunted. In fact, it’s so frightening that it was even the basis for a film in 2018.

Visitors can walk the grounds, and freak themselves out as much as they want! As the building remains untouched since it closed down in the 90s. Complete with rusted barbed-wire fences and old peeling wallpaper, this is not a trip for the faint-hearted.

Finally, if you really love scary things, you can visit other haunted locations, too. Including the Youngdeok haunted house, which people say is home to the ghosts of the Korean War. And the Neulbom Garden, which was once a restaurant. And, most chilling of all, people say you can still hear the sound of plates and cutlery being washed in the kitchen, even though nobody has worked there for years!

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