Visit Santa Village, The Gyeongnam Provincial Governor’s Residence

Image: Gyeongnam province
Image: Gyeongnam province

Visit Santa Village, The Gyeongnam Provincial Governor’s Residence

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Various events will be held at the residence of the Governor of Gyeongnam province and at the homes of provincial residents during the year-end and New Year holidays.

On September 15th, the provincial governor’s residence and the houses of the citizens, which were returned to the people of the province, held various cultural and artistic events such as busking performances held every Friday and Saturday, an invitational exhibition for young artists to commemorate the opening of the country, a webtoon festival, and a healing cultural event for students taking exams, attracting many visitors.

During the year-end and New Year holidays which prepares for the year of the cat in 2023, various events are in full swing at the governor’s residence and the homes of citizens.

From the 19th, an indoor exhibition called ‘Artist Showroom‘ planned by Art Gyeongnam is being held. The Artist Showroom is an exhibition held in collaboration with promising young artists in the region and famous artists active on the national stage. It is a new project that utilizes hidden spaces in various places such as guest rooms, toilets, dressing rooms, and verandas of the Governor’s Residence and the houses of residents of the province.

In the beautiful garden, the ‘Garden Embracing the Starlights‘, with colorful decorations, attracts the attention of visitors to the space during the evening and is used as a great photo zone.

‘Artist Showroom‘ and ‘Garden Embracing Starlight‘ will continue until the end of January next year.

In the upcoming Christmas, the ‘Christmas Festival‘ will be held under the supervision of the Gyeongnam Association of the Korean Federation of Arts and Crafts Associations.

With the theme of ‘A time like a Christmas gift to the people of Gyeongsangnam-do,‘ the Christmas Festival will hold various events every hour from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on the 24th and 25th, adding special memories of Christmas to visitors.

The main event of the Christmas Festival is Woo Da-yeon’s sensation-filled saxophone, along with a variety of performances planned for families, friends, and lovers to enjoy together.

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