What’s on in Busan: Nov. 20 –26

What’s on in Busan: Nov. 20 –26

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BeFM Dream Concert @ BEXCO — This special guest lecture event was arranged to share knowledge and empathy of world trends and encourage the youth to expand their dreams to the world. BEXCO Exhibition Center 2, Centum City, Friday, 2 p.m.

Burning Trotman @ BEXCO Auditorium — Seven top trot singers come together for an epic concert. BEXCO Auditorium, Centum City, Saturday and Sunday

Open Mic @ Basement — Head on out to hear some live local talent in PNU. Basement, PNU, Tuesday, 7 p.m.

Open Mic @ Ol’55 — Open mic returns to Ol’55 each Wednesday evening. Ol’55, KSU, Wednesday. 7 p.m.


ECCK-Haps-NBA Informal Networking Night @ Praha993 — Join an informal night of business networking to meet like-minded business people from around the city. Praha933, Millak-dong, Friday, 7 p.m.

UNICEFBLUE in Busan — 8 famous landmarks in Busan – Gwangandaegyo Bridge, Nurimaru, Busan Metropolitan City Hall, Busan Bank Headquarters, Busan Tower, Busan Cinema Center, the broadcast transmission tower on Hwangnyeongsan mountain, and Haeundae LCT will light up blue from 18:00 to 21:00 from Nov. 17 to 20, 2023

Busan Independent Film Festival @ Busan Cinema Center, Musai Theather, and BNK Busan Bank Art Theater  — Featuring a total of 63 films, the festival will take place at various locations, including the Busan Cinema Center, BNK Busan Bank Art Cinema, and Musai Theater. Busan Cinema Center, Musai Theather, and BNK Busan Bank Art Theater, Monday

2030 Busan World Expo Success Launch Ceremony @ Seomyeon Intersection — The event aims to convey the hopes of citizens to Paris, where the final bid competition presentation will be held. Seomyeon Intersection, Tuesday, 5 p.m.

The Golf Show @ BEXCO — All your golf needs in one place. BEXCO, Centum City, Thursday through Sunday

Tea and Craft Expo @ BEXCO — A great event for tea and craft lovers. BEXCO, Centum City, Thursday through Sunday

Busan International Food Expo @ BEXCO — Check out the latest trends in food and cafes. BEXCO, Centum City, Thursday through Sunday

KFA Franchise Fair @ BEXCO — A franchise consultation fair representing the Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam regions, and gathers in one place all items related to starting a business, including not only the restaurant industry but also wholesale/retail, service, consulting, and distribution facilities. BEXCO, Centum City, Friday through Sunday

University Arts Festival Week — Art Departments from around the city feature graduating student’s works. Through December 17

Korea Sale Festa — The nation’s largest shopping extravaganza takes place until the end of the month. Nationwide, Through November 30

Gwangalli M Drone Light Show @ Gwangalli Beach — This week’s drone show returns to its normal show times. Gwangalli Beach, Saturday, 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Gyeongbu Expressway Heading Towards Busan @ Busan Museum — It provides an opportunity to directly observe the construction process of the Gyeongbu Expressway, which began with the Seoul-Suwon highway groundbreaking ceremony in February 1968 and continued for 888 days and 428 kilometers (km), through unreleased photos and artifacts. Busan Museum, Daeyeon-dong, Through December 3

Meta of the Senses K-3 People’s Exhibition @ Haeundae-gu Ariane Gallery —An exhibition where you can see the unique speaking styles of three artists: Kim Chun-ja, Kim Seop, and Shim Jeom-hwan. Haeundae-gu Ariane Gallery, Through November 24th

Busan Growing Trees Exhibition @ Busan Jung-gu Cultural Center — About 60 works are introduced, combining three-dimensional and two-dimensional works. Busan Jung-gu Cultural Center, Jung-gu, Through December 15th

Freedom. Dream. Movie @ Start Plus Busan — Director Jeong Byeong-gil of the movie ‘Carter’ will present about 30 works, ranging from his early years as an art major to figurative paintings with a cinematic worldview and new works with philosophical messages about modern society. Start Plus Busan, Yeongdo, Through December 3

Gyeongbu Expressway Heading Towards Busan @ Busan Museum — Take a look at the history of one of the country’s main highways. Busan Museum, Through December 3

The Past Reveals Itself to Have a Plot @ Busan Museum of Art — This exhibition examines the main directions of the Busan Museum of Art, which has played a variety of roles as an institutional space in a city since its opening, and how it has attempted to establish an art museum that is both local and international. Busan Museum of Art, Haeundae, Through December 17

Post Media and Site @ Busan Museum of Art — 30 artworks around the concept of media as a theater. Busan Museum of Art, Haeundae, Through December 17

Singing Mother Earth @ Busan Museum of Contemporary Art — The exhibition aims to flexibly and softly expand our anthropocentric worldview. Busan Museum of Contemporary Art, Through February 18, 2024

Utopian Scenario About Nature @ Busan Museum of Contemporary Art Gallery 2 — Utopian Scenario About Nature explores what it means for museums to be eco-friendly in an era defined by the global challenge of the climate crisis. Busan Museum of Contemporary Art Gallery 2, Through January 7, 2024

‘David Hockney & British Pop Art – 1960s Swinging London’ Exhibition @ Dong-gu Cultural Platform and P.ArK — The exhibition will showcase approximately 120 of his pieces at the cultural platform and 37 pieces at P.ArK Multi-Room. Dong-gu Cultural Platform and P.ArK, Yeongdo, Through November 26

Salt Fields, Somewhere in Busan @ Busan Fishing Village Folk Museum — Learn all about Busan’s “salty past”. Busan Fishing Village Folk Museum, Through May 12, 2024

The Actor is Present: Busan @ Busan Museum of Movies — This exhibition will allow visitors to see writings, photographs, and videos of internationally recognized Korean actors in Busan – including Emmy Award-winning Lee Jung-jae and Oscar winner Yoon Yeo-jung. Busan Museum of Movies, Through November 26

Lots of People @ Busan Museum of Art — Gim Hongsok expresses his art in the Children’s gallery in the Busan Museum of Art. Busan Museum of Art, Through December 17

Gorilla Running Club @ Gwangan Beach — Runners depart together from Gorilla Gwangalli going towards the beach for a casual run along the beach. Gwangalli, Monday

Trivia @ HQ — The weekly trivia night returns to Thursday nights. HQ Bar, Gwangalli, 9 p.m.



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