What to expect at this year's Busan International Motor Show July 14-24

What to expect at this year's Busan International Motor Show July 14-24

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With just a month until the Busan International Motor Show, here’s what we know to expect if you plan on attending this year.

The 10th anniversary of Busan’s motor show, and the first in four years, is going to be downscaled due to a lack of participation from most automakers.

According to local media reports, only six brands have committed to being at the show, which includes Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia domestically, and BMW, Mini-Cooper, and Rolls Royce for foreign automakers.

19 brands, including 8 domestic and 11 foreign companies participated in the last Motor Show held in Busan in 2018.

However, this year plans to see other interesting things to see and do at BEXCO as well.

SK Telecom is planning to introduce Urban Air Mobility (UAM) for the first time in Korea, and a car show featuring supercars and classic cars is also scheduled.

Other events held outdoors and at the other exhibition halls include test drives from participating automakers, micro-racer test drives, off-road vehicles and obstacle course challenges, three-wheeled motorcycle experiences, and an automobile e-sports game competition.

In the evening, a beer festival will also be held.

Tickets for this year’s motor show are 9,000 won on weekdays and 11,000 won on weekends.

Discounts can be had if you register early on BEXCO’s website as well as Naver, Interpark, and Yanolja.

This year’s event is scheduled for July 14 through the 24th at BEXCO.

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