What it’s like to live in Jangsan, Busan

What it’s like to live in Jangsan, Busan

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Looking for an area to live in Busan? Our new series looks at locals in Busan giving the inside scoop on what goes on in their neighborhood.

In our 12th installment, we talked to Michelle Leung from Hong Kong about the ins and outs of life in Jangsan.

About the Area
Situated on line 2 and part of Haeundae Green City, formerly known as Haeundae New Town, Jangsan is a bustling suburb located in the Haeundae-gu district.

Jangsan is surrounded by Jangsan mountain, a popular hiking trail that at an elevation of 634-meters is a hike even novice trekkers can take.

The area is known for its greenery, with tree-lined streets and walking paths bringing shade during the summer heat.

Jangsan is home to a variety of housing options, from affordable one rooms to larger apartment blocks all of which are surrounded by a large commercial district.

NC Department Store anchors the area’s main commercial center, with amenities such as a supermarket and a Lotte Cinema for filmgoers.

It’s a popular place for young expats and professionals, as well as well-to-do families.

With Songjeong and Haeundae Beach about 10-15 minutes away, it provides a great location from getting to a lot of the popular places in the Haeundae district.

The Basics
Michelle Leung
Occupation: Import/Export office worker
Where are you originally from? Hong Kong
What area do you live in? Jangsan, Haeundae-gu
How long have you lived there? 3 years
Why did you choose there? I like Jangsan because it is close to the beaches but is also much more affordable than other parts of Haeundae-gu. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, and cafes and it is a great place for a single professional to live.

The Area
What kind of people would you say tend to live in your area? I would say there are a lot of people in the mid-20s to mid-40s who are either professionals or mostly kind of middle-class people. There are a lot of single residences in the area, so many people do tend to live alone or with a partner.

It almost seems almost like a more grown-up version of living in a university district which I used to do a few years ago when I was a student.

Do you know any of the neighbors or anyone in your building complex? One of my coworkers lives in my building and another lives nearby with her family, so it’s quite convenient for me to meet up with them after work or if I need assistance with anything.

What are the best local spots in your area? I recently got back into hiking after COVID started just to go out and get some socially distanced fresh air, so taking a walk up Jangsan mountain has been good to clear my mind and get some exercise. There’s also a lot of new cafes and also the nearby cinema when I want to check out the latest films.

What kind of stores are within a 5-minute walk to your front door? Almost everything, including restaurants, coffee shops, laundry, convenience stores, fitness centers, and the NC Department Store which is just down the street.

What’s the view like from your living room? I have a nice view of the local area, but also the sunrises and sunsets are quite nice because I have a backdrop of the larger buildings in Haeundae.

Are there any restaurants, shops nearby in case you need a taste of home? I spent some time in England growing up, so I enjoy both western and Asian cuisine. I can grab a quick salad at Subway or have something at Burger and Pasta or there’s lots of local food nearby too.

Though I’ve never been to the actual restaurant, I usually get Chinese delivery from a place called Golden Gate which has a good Lo Mein and seafood fried noodles.

Any recommendations on local restaurants in your area? Tulbonae is a good sashimi place that is quite popular and affordable and they also have a good raw fish deopbap. Lately, I’ve just been ordering a lot because of COVID, but I’ve really come to like Indonesian Food in Haeundae and their mie goreng, nasi goreng, nasi rendang, and their fried vegetable dumplings.

Are there any grocery shopping places nearby? There’s a Lotte Super just down the street which has basic needs, but usually, I go one-stop on the metro to Jung-dong where they have the large E-mart. 

Where could you pop out for a quick drink? I haven’t gone out to drink for a while but when I do, it’s usually for a glass of wine down at the Spain Club at the Pale de Cz with my friends or with my boyfriend.

Is it a good area for kids to grow up in? There are a lot of academies in the area, so I imagine that for education, it is a good place to live.

My coworker has a young daughter and they really seem to enjoy living in the area. Jangsan is nicely centrally located from everything — Songjeong, Haeundae Beach, Dalmaji, and also has a lot of greenery and parks that aren’t far away.

Any good hangout spots to recommend? For me, it’s the mountain because I am really getting back into fitness. It’s not that high so even for an amateur like me, it is easy to climb. It’s also interesting to meet so many people along the hike, from singles to families and older people. Everyone seems very friendly at the mountain.

What are some of the stranger things you’ve seen in the area? There aren’t too many strange things I think other than it is sometimes noisy with drunk people walking home and singing. I sleep early so sometimes that can be a bit annoying.

How expensive would you rate the area? Rentals in Jangsan I think are a bit cheaper than other parts of Haeundae, but more expensive than a university area in terms of renting a studio, or a one or two-bedroom apartment. Overall, I think it’s probably a few hundred thousand won cheaper and you can get more space than other parts of Haeundae though the apartments are a little older and can be a bit run-down.

Would you recommend your area to live in? I enjoy living here as there are so many convenient things all within walking distance. I think if you are anywhere in your 20s to 40s, you will enjoy it.

If there was any other place I could live in Busan it would be: Maybe closer to my work as it is a little far and I don’t have a car, but I think living in Centum City would also be a good place to live.

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