Where and how to park when in Korea

Photo by ChiHon Kim
Photo by ChiHon Kim

Where and how to park when in Korea

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

As Korea’s economy continues to grow, so do the number of cars on the road. For many, finding a parking spot in these conditions has quickly become a nightmare. Some creative drivers have resorted to parking in alleys and even on sidewalks.

When driving in South Korean cities, it’s good to avoid leaving your car in the alleys or on the sidewalks, but it’s also good to avoid any of numbered spots you’re sure to spot around town.

Parking in these spots, even by accident, could get you a fine or your car towed as they are paid parking spots for the area’s residents. Most major cities in Gyeonoggi Province, including Seoul, either already use this system or will begin this year, so park with caution.

With so many restrictions on parking in South Korea, of course an app exists to resolve it: KAKAO T(parking). The free app allows users to not only search for a vacant parking space nearby, but also reserve it. Pay ahead on the app with your credit card or pay at the lot. The app
will also give you the fee per hour for parking near your destination before you decide on which spot to reserve.

KAKAO will help you find a spot and, hopefully, prevent you from being that guy with the car that got towed. It’s available on iOS and android, so there’s really no excuse!

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