Wolasan Mountain Forest Leisure Sports ‘Eco Rider’ in Jinju City

Image: Jinju City
Image: Jinju City

Wolasan Mountain Forest Leisure Sports ‘Eco Rider’ in Jinju City

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Jinju City has started operating a forest “leports” ‘Eco Rider’ facility at Wolas Mountain Forest Leports Complex in celebration of spring.

Eco Rider is a forest “leports” facility where you can enjoy the feeling of riding a bicycle while flying in the sky in the forest of Wola Mountain. Eco Rider, is the first forest “leports” facility in Korea to operate on a curved section, and the operating section reaches 504m.

For the safe operation of the Eco Rider, the city limits the number of people who experience it to 30 per hour, and the riders must be 14 years old or older to prevent a situation in which operation is stopped due to inexperienced operation. In addition, for the safety of the facility, it operates for experiencers weighing less than 90 kg.

Prior to the operation, the city not only repeatedly conducted rescue training and education for safety personnel in preparation for possible situations such as facility cart stoppages, but also prepared for preparation by carrying out rescue training in conjunction with rescuers from the Jinju Fire Station in a realistic situation.

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