World of relaxation

The Sea Life Art
The Sea Life Art

World of relaxation

by Marifat Fayzullaeva
Korea Tourism Organization

Busan Sea Life Aquarium

Busan Sea Life Aquarium is located near Heaundae Beach. If you plan to come here right after you get off at the Heaundae Station (Exit 5), walk toward Heaundae Beach and it will take around 7 minutes.


You are supposed to spend at least 1 hour in this spot as it offers 250 species and up to 35,000 marine animals to look at (visitors usually spend around 1-2 hours here). The price may seem expensive at 29,000 won per an adult (23,000 won for children) but the ticket can lead you and your family into a world of adventures where you can meet a variety of sea animals. All visitors, especially children, love watching penguins, sea jellies and big sharks which can be viewed through acrylic windows. There may be different events such as live shows, feeding fish, watching cartoons on the screen and taking a short boat trip. However, you should watch the timetable carefully if you want to participate in any of them.

Ice Age

The aquarium divides into 3 underground levels with different sections, each presenting various features of sea life. The Sea life Art section is full of fun where you can take amazing photos wearing black and yellow costumes and feeling as if you are in the another world. The tunnel part  is very exciting and it can feel as though you are swimming with fish around you and can touch them. Before leaving the aquarium, you will find yourself in the Ice Age where the most wonderful photos can be taken. My experience was brilliant, I learned a lot about sea animals and had many adventures along the way. It introduced me to a different view of sea life and gave me an appreciation of their lifestyle.

Taejongdae Resort Park Busan

Taejongdae Resort Park is one of the most relaxing sea and nature discovering parks in Busan.

Taejongdae was named after the 29th king (King Taejong Mu-Yeol) of Silla kingdom. This place was one of the most famous destinations that King Taejong often visited to shoot arrows. Taejongdae Resort is also considered to be the praying place for rain. There are several hidden places on the rocks to explore. One of the most mysterious rocks in this resort is called Sinseonbawi Rock  where gods were believed to come to relax. There is an observatory deck  where you can see Japan’s Tsushima Island on the Sinseonbawi Rock. Forests in Taejongdae Park are rich in trees, including pine and 200 other variety of trees.

Sea view from the Taejongdae rocks

You can get there easily using city buses. As soon as you leave from Busan Station, you need to cross the road and go right. From there, you can take buses No. 88 and No. 101 which depart for Taejongdae and it will take around 30-40 minutes to get there if there is no traffic jam.

Danubi train

When you get off the bus at Taejongdae Bus Stop, if you want to take a cruise ship journey (which costs 10,000 won for a 30-40 minute ride), I think getting in a mini-bus that stands near the bus stop is very comfortable. This mini-bus is free of charge if you use the cruise ship. After coming back from the ship journey, walking up the hills to visit the places is very exciting. At this time, you can visit each place and have a close view of the hot spots because you are not allowed to get off the ship when you are looking over at them. If you are already tired of going up after you finish your journey on the ship, then it is better to get in the Danubi train which can take you to several temples and an observatory. This trip in the train costs only 3,000 won for adults. If you try all of these ways of travelling in Taejongdae, your trip will be far more enjoyable and relaxing. A breathtaking overview of the natural attractions can promise you a good mood from the start of the day.

Traveler’s Room: Feeling like a beloved home

Hotel the Mark Haeundae is a twenty-two story hotel with 200 rooms. The hotel staff was very pleasant, welcoming with bright smiles on their faces. They can help you so much, speaking several languages, which is helpful. It was the friendly service that impressed me so much and encourages me to go there again if I go back to Busan.

Fascinating kitchen

The Mark Hotel is one of the most comfortable and fancy hotels to stay if you want to enjoy the night view of Busan city. The hotel has a rooftop where you can sit and watch over the city while getting some fresh air. This hotel is really nearby Haeundae Beach (about a 3 minute walk) and many other tourist spots such as Busan Sea Life Aquarium (a 5 minute walk), Paradise Casino (a 1 minute walk) and BEXCO (a 10 minute walk). Hotel the Mark Haeundae offers special accommodation with a kitchen inside the room where you can cook for yourself freely. The room has a kitchen with all conveniences to make food, a big TV-set with various channels, and a fridge where you can find some bottles of water. At one corner of the room, near the window, you can find a seating area.

The private bathroom comes with slippers, washing gels, towels and a hairdryer. Free WI-FI and parking is also available. Furthermore, guests can enjoy a buffet-style breakfast located on the second floor at an additional cost. The rooms are spacious enough to share with any of your friends even if you have booked a single room. If you are visiting with your family for more than 10 days, the most appropriate choice will be the Hotel Mark as the hotel offers you an extra night free if you stay more than 10 days. Daily housekeeping service is provided by gentle staff. You can use climate-controlled heating and air-conditioning whenever you want which gives you more comfort. Moreover, there is a fitness centre where you can enjoy doing some sports. There are many delicious and famous eating places, cafes and shopping areas around the hotel.

Hotel The Mark Haeundae

Address: 24, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro 298beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan
Price: 69,000 won~ (it can differ according to the room type and time)
Tel: +82)51-501-9440
Check in/out: 3 p.m. / 11 a.m.


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