Yacht tours of the City start from the sea

Image courtesy of WellMi and Sea1YachtClub
Image courtesy of WellMi and Sea1YachtClub

Yacht tours of the City start from the sea

by Dynamic Busan Staff
haps Korea Magazine

In the middle of the summer heat, Busan’s East Sea is at your disposal. Everyone thinks about going to the beach to swim, but there’s no better way to watch the sunset and to see the city lights flicker on one by one than by floating your cares away on a yacht.

The Historic Suyeongman Yachting Center

To begin this special experience, head on over to the Suyeongman Yachting Center, home to the highest number of yachts in the country. The center has played a big role in Korea’s position on the world stage. It was a part of the 1986 Seoul Asian Games, the 1988 Seoul Olympics, and the 2002 Busan Asian Games.

Even though the 1986 and 1998 events were in Seoul, the Suyeongman Yachting Center in Busan was still a necessity for those games. The center attracts many visitors every year, with its beautiful scenery below the brilliantly-lit Marine City. After listening to a brief safety guide, the yacht will depart.

Image courtesy of WellMi and Sea1YachtClub

Set sail!

After departing Suyeong Bay, the yacht drifts towards Gwangandaegyo Bridge. By now, Marine City should be in full view, and the sun may be setting beyond Hwangnyeongsan Mountain. Something that parents might especially enjoy doing is pointing out all of Busan’s landmarks for their children, like the bridge, Oryukdo Islets or Millak Waterside Park.

Safety is the highest priority, and while the waters around Busan are usually calm, of course, there will be some waves. It might be a little difficult to balance yourself from time to time, but it can also be thrilling.

Image courtesy of WellMi and Sea1YachtClub

The farther you move from shore, the more of Busan you get to see. As the sun sets, the building lights and nightlife should just be starting to wake up from their daytime slumber. The most impressive lights in the city are undoubtedly those of Gwangandaegyo Bridge, which will be lighting up any minute now. Passengers begin to take out their phones in preparation for the illuminated spectacle as more and more lights turn on in the buildings behind you.

Upon your return, Busan’s nightlife and summer evening welcome you back for whatever lies in store for the rest of what could be a wonderful night.


1. You must arrive at least five minutes before departure. The yachts will not wait for you.

2. There are tours from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every hour, but there are three recommended travel periods any daytime tour for clear and bright photographs, a 7 p.m. evening tour for a combined sunset and night view and a 9 p.m. night tour, for the full scope of Busan after dark.

3. It is advised that you take any motion or seasickness medication you need before boarding the yacht.

4. There are many yacht tour companies to choose from. Neonadeuli is one such company, and they offer tours for about 30,000 won per person and English tours for groups of seven tourists or more.

Yacht Sea1

— Enjoy a beautiful tour of Haeundae on their 12-seater Catamaran from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

— Affordable options through Coupon are available and you can check out their website (Korean only) here.


— Neonadeuli Course yacht tour (one hour) plus Marine City and Dongbaekseom walking tour (two hours) with a tour guide (Korean and English) 29,700 won per person

— Night View Yacht Tour with guide one hour (Korean and English) 29,700 won per person

— Aquarium and Dongbaekseom Island Tour 25,000 won per person (with tour guide)

— Dongbaekseom Island Walk 10,000 won per person (one hour; wearing traditional Korean clothing available)

For more information phone: 051-731-6686 (English available) or check out their website.

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