Yangsan in S. Korea to hold the 2023 Pet Culture Festival Nov. 18

Yangsan in S. Korea to hold the 2023 Pet Culture Festival Nov. 18

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The 2023 Yangsan City Pet Culture Festival will be held on the 18th at the Hwangsan Park Pet Rest Area.

The festival aims to foster a responsible companion animal culture while raising awareness about animal welfare.

This event will advocate for animal registration to prevent loss and abandonment, emphasizing safety measures such as leashes and proper waste removal.

The festival will also actively promote the adoption of abandoned animals. In collaboration with the Yangsan City Veterinary Association, the festival will offer free pet health checkups, rabies vaccinations, and internal chip animal registration for the first 100 animals.

Beyond the essential services, the festival will feature an array of engaging side events, including pet training demonstrations, campaigns against animal abuse, grooming classes, dog tag crafting, pet talk programs, sports days, and exciting on-site prize giveaways.

An official from Yangsan City encouraged all citizens with pets to participate, expressing optimism that the event will contribute to the establishment of a mature pet culture and an overall improvement in animal welfare.

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