Yi Sun-sin Park selected as a safe tourist destination for 2022 by Korea Tourism Organization

Images: Tongyeong City
Images: Tongyeong City

Yi Sun-sin Park selected as a safe tourist destination for 2022 by Korea Tourism Organization

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Tongyeong City announced that Yi Sun-sin Park was selected as a ‘2022 safe tourist destination’ announced by the Korea Tourism Organization.

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has recently selected and promoted safe tourist destinations nationwide that people can safely visit during the post-corona period as travel demand is expected to increase significantly due to the easing of quarantine guidelines and the transition to the daily recovery phase.

In order to contribute to the revitalization of tourism, it was selected as a safe tourist destination in 2022.

Yi Sun-sin Park is located on the site of the battle of Hansan and has a historical symbolism, and at the same time, it is a space where you can enjoy the sea scenery, where jewel-like islands such as Hansando are floating in the indigo sea in the calm waters of Tongyeong like a lake.

It is loved by many for its seasonal flowers, green forest, and well-maintained walking trails.

In particular, the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who takes the lead while looking at Hansando, and the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, below it, are designed to go down next to Hae Sik-ae, which creates an exotic atmosphere. The created coastal deck road is the symbol of Yi Sun-sin Park.

Also, in Tongyeong, the Hansan Battle Festival will be held for 10 days from August 5 to August 14 this year under the theme of “The General’s Tears: A Diary of Tears.” 

On the official website of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), they are holding an event in which a variety of products are given out through a lottery by selecting a recommended safe tourist destination from among 199 safe tourist destinations nationwide and writing the reason by the 26th.

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