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Photo Of A delectable course meal includes a Kichimu course designed for two people, a complimentary bottle of Dassai sparkling sake, and a beautifully crafted handmade sushi cake.

Lotte Hotel Busan holding “Love Promotion” event through Mar. 31

Enjoy an exquisite dining experience and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones courtesy of Lotte Hotel Busan’s 43rd-floor Momoyama through March 31.

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VIDEO: Seoul’s Noryangjin Fish Market a seafood heaven

If you’re a seafood lover, Noryangjin Fish Market (노량진 수산시장) is a great spot to visit and explore.

Photo Of Mozzarella Whoppers at Burger King Korea

Burger King Korea introduces 3 Mozzarella Whoppers

Burger King Korea has unveiled its latest offering with three Mozzarella Whoppers to choose from.

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VIDEO: Korea Kitchen: Cooking up U.S. Army base stew 

Budae-jjigae, or army base stew, is a spicy sausage stew made with ham, sausage, spam, baked beans, gochujang (red chili paste) and kimchi.

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Taste of Korea: Shinsegae Mall a foodie paradise in Daegu

The mall is also the ultimate foodie’s paradise! The 1st, 8th and 9th floors house more than 50 different restaurants, while the Food Market is located on the first basement level.

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Taste of Korea: 5 delicious Korean snacks you should try

Accessing your standard go-tos from back home is sometimes not possible. Besides, living overseas gives you a great opportunity to broaden your snack routine.

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Taste of Korea: 3 must-visit cafés near Camp Humphreys

In Korea, many locals have a common hangout routine which involves visiting a good restaurant to enjoy delicious dishes and then heading to a café for delicious desserts.

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Korean BBQ restaurant chain at home near US bases

Kim Brothers’ Philosophy of Meat is a fantastic Korean BBQ restaurant where the staff grills delicious, high-quality meat right in front of you.

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Korea Kid’s Corner: A sweet escape to strawberry farms!

Starting in winter through early spring, Korea’s sweet, plump strawberries are ripe for picking.

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VIDEO: Taste of Korea: Fresh seafood at Seoul’s Noryangjin Fish Market

If you’re a seafood lover, Noryangjin Fish Market (노량진 수산시장) is a great spot to visit and explore.

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Your vote counts!: Time to vote for the Best of the Pacific 2024

It's a new year, and it’s time once again to turn your attention to the yearly tradition unlike any other – Best of the Pacific voting season!

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Ddong Café in Korea's hip Insadong all about the dung

Literally, there was a bunch of crap adorning the outside of the building. But it was fake dung, and it was cute.  I’ll admit that I’m not big on potty talk, but I did get a kick out of this café that prides itself in its poo products, from cartoon faces made in the shape of feces to toilet-shaped mugs.

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VIDEO: Korea Kitchen: Easy-to-make recipe for Japchae

Japchae is usually treated as a side dish in Korean cuisine. But serve it over rice, and this savory and slightly sweet dish of stir-fried glass noodles and veggies becomes the showstopper it deserves to be.

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Jr. Whopper Special at Burger King Korea until Feb. 25

Burger King Korea is holding a special on Whopper Jr’s.

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