United begins direct flights from Seoul to Guam

October 29, 2014

HAGATNA, Guam (AP) - United Airlines has launched daily direct flights between South Korea and Guam for the first time, serving a market that helped boost Guam's tourism industry when the number of visitors from Japan declined.

"As Guam's...

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MD2 Meltdown, found to contain DMBA. (Christopher Six/Stars and Stripes)

Exchange stores again pull fitness supplements

October 28, 2014

WASHINGTON — Exchange stores at military bases around the world again pulled fitness supplements from shelves earlier this month after concerns they contained a potentially dangerous and untested stimulant.

The recalls might be...

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A metal bar for the masses

Restaurant Guide
October 25, 2014

If the live music scene in Itaewon were on par with its dining options, this little neighborhood would be a much richer place. With the notable exception of the semiannual HBC Fest, Hongdae has always hosted the lion’s share of concerts — that is...

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Test Feed

Ebola response:

Ebola response: Air Force gets germ-zapping robot

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Mississippi sailors

Mississippi sailors among those returning from nine-month deployment

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WWII veterans

WWII veterans soar over Fresno

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New Afghan

New Afghan leader talks peace on China trip

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Former Air

Former Air Force officer's book details Japanese ouster from Manchuria

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Israel closes

Israel closes Jerusalem holy site Al Aqsa Mosque after shooting

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Fearing uprising

Fearing uprising, Islamic State militants hunt former Iraqi police

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