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11 Korean food items perfect for gifts

Shopping is one of the most fun activities to enjoy while traveling in Korea.

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Korea Kitchen: Making your own Bulgogi at home

My bulgogi recipe is a very simple dish to make, it takes a small bit of preparation and then a quick fry. The best bit is you can keep the sauce for months, I tend to make it up in batches and then add a little to the meat I want to use.

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Korea Kitchen: Easy recipe for kimchi fried rice

This is one of the many dishes that can be made with kimchi. Since every Korean household is bound to have a container of kimchi, kimchi fried rice is one of the easiest Korean foods to make.

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VIDEO: Cooking up U.S. Army base stew in Korea

Budae-jjigae, or army base stew, is a spicy sausage stew made with ham, sausage, spam, baked beans, gochujang (red chili paste) and kimchi.

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VIDEO: Korea Kitchen: This bulgogi recipe is fire!

There are a few choice dishes that one might think of when dreaming of Korean food. Bulgogi, Korean barbeque beef, is one of those.

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Uokfarm serves up freshest ice cream in Pyeongtaek, Korea

The summer heat is sizzling in Korea, so what better way to cool off than enjoy some delicious ice cream. Though summer is the ideal time for ice cream, I love eating ice cream all year round – and in all its forms. 

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Soo Pizza near Humphreys offers pie with healthy twist in Korea

It’s been almost two years since I said goodbye to pizza. Because I’d been on a low-carb diet to lose my love handles. I gave up the addictive pie for full two years, and to be frank, it was a terrible time.

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VIDEO: Taste of Korea: How to make Squid Game's foam candy

The popularity of the Squid Game is making a traditional Korean sweet go viral online. In South Korea, some candy shops still make and sell dalgona.

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VIDEO: Korea Kitchen: Bring the heat with spicy chicken recipe

The savory and spicy meal is typically prepared with red pepper paste along with various veggies like carrots, onions and potatoes.

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VIDEO: Korea Kitchen: Easy recipe for Korean steamed eggs

One of my favorite breakfast menu options is Gyeranjjim, Korean Steamed Eggs. The common recipe for this dish consists of eggs and scallions (or chives) along with chopped vegetables.

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5 top frozen dumplings at grocery stores in Korea

Doing almost nothing is one of the ways I’ve spent recent weekends and holidays. But there is always one thing I accomplish: Satisfying my hunger.

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VIDEO: Korea Kitchen: How to make folded gimbap

Gimbap is a popular Korean dish resembling sushi rolls. It features rice and a variety of vegetable and meats rolled into seaweed.

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Korea Kitchen: Simple recipe for Korean seafood pancakes

When the weather is overcast and rainy, what are your go-to comfort foods?

Photo Of Eat Like a Local: Delicious and Affordable BBQ at Woodonok in Seomyeon

Eat Like a Local: Delicious and affordable BBQ at Woodonok in Busan’s Seomyeon

With the rise in prices of dining out recently, many diners around the city are becoming pickier about finding economical options without sacrificing quality.

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