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Bottom-line fishing in Korea's Incheon harbor

Incheon, South Korea’s third-largest city, may be known for its colorful Chinatown and close proximity to amazing Wolmido Island, but its port is also well known for bottom-line fishing and amazing fish markets.

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Discover Tongyeong, the 'Naples' of Korea

Off the southern coast lies a port city with views so beautiful, it has earned the title of Korea’s “Naples.”

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Korea Tip of the Day: Using proper pet-iquette

If you decide to bring a pet to or adopt one in Korea, it’s important to be aware of essential etiquette and legal regulations regarding pet ownership.

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Fun in Korea: Tips for making friends with Koreans

When it comes to making friends with Koreans, understanding the culture and ways of connecting is key. Building relationships across cultures can be a wonderful experience that broadens horizons and creates mutual understanding.

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Exploring Korea: Tongyeong and Admiral Yi Sun-sin in Gyeongsang-do

Hansando Island is only accessible by ferry and its Maritime National Park is a top spot for some great ocean views.

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Korea Kid’s Corner: Kids’ cafés in Daegu fun places to be!

Kids’ cafés in South Korea offer a magical blend of play zones for kids and relaxing spaces for parents.

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How to travel in South Korea on express buses

When traveling between cities in Korea, trains are a popular choice. However, taking an express bus is also a convenient and affordable alternative.

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Fun in Korea: Dynamic Maze and Alive Museum in Seoul

Insadong District in Seoul is a popular area with many museums and exhibition spaces of traditional culture and art.

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How, when to give gifts and tips in South Korea

Americans affiliated with the military often have questions about giving gifts or tokens of gratitude to Korean people. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to gift giving in Korea.

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Korea Tip of the Day: Booking SRT ticket online for foreigners now available!

Great news for travelers! Previously, foreign credit card holders in Korea could only purchase tickets for the SRT high-speed train at the station or from travel agencies.

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VIDEO| Virtual Vacation: Yamaguchi, Japan

Welcome to virtual vacation video series where we can explore destinations from the comfort of our homes.

Photo Of Child feeding sheep at Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch.

Korea Kids’ Corner: 11 fun destinations for family adventure on Children’s Day!

In South Korea, Children’s Day on May 5 is a national holiday and serves as a reminder of the country’s littlest ones and how important their happiness is in society.

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