Lucky Leap Year 2024: Triple Points flyer

(Army & Air Force Exchange Service Public Affairs)

CAMP HUMPHREYS – MILITARY STAR® cardmembers will earn rewards points by leaps and bounds on Feb. 29.

Camp Humphreys shoppers who use their cards on Leap Day will earn triple points—notching six rewards points for every dollar spent instead of the usual two points.

“Leap Day is a bonus day and so MILITARY STAR is celebrating with bonus points,” said Camp Humphreys Exchange General Manager Vanessa Rowland. “Triple points add up for shoppers, earning them their next $20 rewards card even faster.”

Shoppers will receive triple rewards points on MILITARY STAR purchases made anywhere the card is accepted, including all military exchanges, commissaries, Exchange mall vendors, ShopMyExchange.com, myNavyExchange.com and ShopCGX.com.

The MILITARY STAR card also offers everyday savings on fuel, restaurant purchases and online shipping, as well as fair and flexible terms that include one low APR for all cardmembers and no annual, late or over-limit fees.

Rewards exclude the Military Clothing line of credit. The MILITARY STAR card is an exclusive line of credit for service members and their families to use at exchanges and commissaries – no matter where they serve. For more information, see a store associate or visit https://aafes.media/MilStarPA.

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