Spotlight on You

Spotlight on You

Beverly Pack 18-1: maintaining muscle memory

October 17, 2017
U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marcus Knight, 8th Air Maintenance Squadron weapons load crew member, guides a GBU-31 Joint Direct Attack Munition during a reload in a hardened aircraft...

Mine Countermeasures Symposium

October 17, 2017
BUSAN, Republic of Korea (Oct. 12, 2017) Rear Adm. Brad Cooper, commander, U.S.

USS Chief begins MN MIWEX

October 17, 2017
BUSAN, Republic of Korea (Oct. 15, 2017) - Engineman Fireman Christopher Gaines, from Trenton, N.J.


October 13, 2017
U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Jaeheon Kim takes a selfie with local children at C.J. Torre Elementary School in support of KAMANDAG in Casiguran, Aurora, Philippines, Oct. 7, 2017.

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