Haman-gun Showcases the ‘Essence of Gaya Culture’ at Yokohama Korea-Japan Exchange Festival

(Image: Haman-gun)

Haman-gun is set to participate in the Yokohama Korea-Japan Exchange Festival at Jonohana Park, Yokohama, Japan, from May 18th to 19th.

During this event, Haman-gun will operate a promotional center to spotlight the Gaya Ancient Tombs, including the renowned Malisan Ancient Tombs.

The Yokohama Korea-Japan Exchange Festival, hosted by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Yokohama, aims to foster cultural exchange and strengthen ties between the two nations.

Attracting over 20,000 attendees, the festival features K-POP performances, Korean-Japanese beauty shows, cultural experience activities, and promotional booths from local governments and businesses.

Since the Malisan Ancient Tombs were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site last year, they have garnered significant attention, including visits from Japanese tour groups.

The promotional center at the festival will further enhance interest in Haman and the Malisan Ancient Tombs by showcasing the cultural and historical significance of the Gaya Ancient Tombs.

In collaboration with Gyeongnam Province and its Tokyo office, the promotional center will actively promote the “Let’s go to the Gaya Ancient Tombs! GO” event, celebrating the first anniversary of the Gaya Ancient Tombs’ World Heritage Site designation starting in September.

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