Hyundai Department Store Busan Branch to Reopen as ‘Connect Hyundai’ in September


Hyundai Department Store’s Busan branch is set to relaunch as ‘Connect Hyundai’ in September, marking the debut of this new brand concept.

As a pilot project, the Busan branch will serve as a test bed for this innovative retail approach. Industry observers are keen to see if Hyundai’s new venture will replicate the success of ‘The Hyundai.’

The Busan branch will close at the end of July for extensive renovations and reopen in September. ‘Connect Hyundai’ aims to break away from the conventional department store model by integrating elements of department stores, outlets, and entertainment.

‘Connect Hyundai’ is anticipated to introduce a fresh retail experience by expanding its food hall and attracting renowned food and beverage brands. Analysts speculate that it will feature brands popular among the MZ generation and possibly include Hansom brands in a factory outlet format.

If successful, ‘Connect Hyundai’ could be rolled out nationwide, much like ‘The Hyundai.’ The Busan branch could pave the way for applications in other locations, such as the Cheongju branch.

Hyundai Department Store previously launched ‘The Hyundai’ brand in Yeouido, Seoul, in 2021, which quickly became a hit by attracting brands and pop-up stores targeting younger demographics and featuring unconventional rest areas.

It attracted over 100 million visitors within two and a half years and following this success, ‘The Hyundai’ concept was also introduced in Daegu and is being planned for Gwangju.

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