Korean Air

Korean Air (Pixabay)

Korean Air has resumed seven flights a week on the Busan-Shanghai route and plans to expand operations to Beijing.

Korean Air has been operating domestic flights and short-haul international routes departing from Gimhae International Airport. Until now, international flights have been concentrated in Japan (Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya), Taiwan, and Bangkok, Thailand.

Starting with seven flights a week to Shanghai earlier this month, the airline plans to resume flights to Beijing six times a week starting September 16th. The Busan-Beijing route is currently operated by Air China.

Korean Air also plans to employ a niche strategy for its Japanese routes. The Jeju-Tokyo (Narita) route will operate three times a week from August 19th to October 25th.

Additionally, the Incheon-Okayama route, a popular small city travel destination, will increase from three to five times a week starting August 3rd, and the Incheon-Kagoshima route will increase from three to five times a week starting September 2nd.

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