(Gyeongnam province)

Spring flower festivals bloom across various parts of Gyeongnam province from March to May, heralding the arrival of the vibrant season.

As spring flowers adorn the landscape of Gyeongnam, cities and counties in the province have begun preparations to welcome visitors to the colorful flower festivals spanning from March to May.

Among these, the renowned Jinhae Gunhang Festival, Korea’s largest cherry blossom festival, will grace the province from March 22nd to April 1st. Featuring picturesque attractions like Jinhae Yeojwacheon Stream, Gyeonghwa Station, Jinhae Tower, and Jinhae Inland Water Environment and Ecological Park, visitors can indulge in festivities such as the Military Music Festival, Cherry Blossom Night Tour, and Marine Fireworks Show.

In Hadong, famed for its Tenni Cherry Blossom Road, the enchanting Hwagae Market Cherry Blossom Festival will unfold over three days starting March 22nd, illuminating the nights with dazzling lights. Expect breathtaking cherry blossom vistas at Tongyeong Bongsutgol Flower Outing Festival, Yangsan Mulgeum Cherry Blossom Festival, and Sacheon Seonjinrisong Cherry Blossom Festival in March.

Come April, fields burst into a sea of yuchae flowers. The Changnyeong Nakdong River Yuchae Festival, the province’s signature yuchae celebration from April 4th to 7th, promises an array of attractions, including the Farmer Ajimae Selection Contest, Drone VR Experience, and Yuchae Flower Stamp Tour. Additionally, the Goseong Giwol Courtyard Scenic Agricultural District Spring Flower Festival offers a unique blend of ancient tombs exploration and rapeseed festivities.

The Cheonju Mountain Azalea Festival in Changwon and the Saengcho International Sculpture Park Flower and Grass Festival in Sancheong, held from April 6th to 7th and April 15th to 28th respectively, offer artistry and natural beauty for rejuvenation.

In May, the Hwangmaesan Azalea Festival at Hwangmaesan Mountain treats visitors to a plethora of family-friendly activities, including azalea painting and pottery making, alongside local specialties at the agricultural sales market and food corner. Moreover, the Geochang Aremia Flower Festival, selected as the 2024 regional specialty festival, blooms at Geochang Iris Garden, showcasing unique flower exhibitions and cultural events.

Additionally, a lineup of everyday spring flower festivals, such as the Hadong Bukcheon Poppy Flower Festival in May, promises enjoyment for all.

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