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It’s time to book your flights and pack your bags to go on your next adventure! We know you love to travel as much as we do and your post in the Pacific provides great access to all the beautiful countries you never imagined you’d get to see.

Planning a trip to Thailand? Did you swing over Bali’s stunning rice paddies? Hit the peak of Mt. Fuji in record time? Cheers with soju over Korean BBQ in Seoul? Soak up the sun on one of Guam’s beautiful beaches? We want to hear all about it!

Whether you went to faraway lands or stayed closer to home while exploring nearby, share your adventure tales with us! Stars and Stripes wants to be your travel companion. Write about your own piece of paradise and we’ll make you famous! Our annual Destination Paradise highlights the travels of your fellow community members, and we want to include you in our 2024-2025 edition.

It doesn’t have to be an exotic island with pristine beaches. Maybe your idea of paradise is a secluded hiking trail, a quiet park in a congested city, a colorful snorkeling spot, or the fashion district of your favorite destination.

We want to hear about a place you cherish, a place you feel most compelled to share with others.

Your story will not only appear in the Stripes Destination Paradise magazine that will hit the streets on Pacific bases in September, but will also be published in our community newspapers - Stripes Japan, Stripes Okinawa, Stripes Guam and Stripes Korea and websites - japan.stripes.com, okinawa.stripes.com, guam.stripes.com and korea.stripes.com.

Take us on your journey, put pen to paper (or hands to keyboard) and start writing! Have fun with it, write long or short and don’t forget to send your photos, too!

Submit your story and photos to paradise@stripes.com by July 10!

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