Korea Destinations: Trick Art Experience at Sacheon Sea

(Image: Sacheon City)

A new attraction, the ‘Sacheon Sea Fish Trick Art Photo Zone,’ has been created at the Palposibnyeon Bridge in Dongseogeum-dong, Sacheon City.

This unique spot, where visitors can experience the fun of trick art, has quickly become a popular destination.

The idea for this trick art installation came from local residents of Dongseogeum-dong. They proposed using trick art featuring various seafish species to provide educational information for anglers and to create a special attraction for tourists.

Korea Destinations: Trick Art Experience at Sacheon Sea

(Image: Sacheon-gun)

The photo zone features vibrant depictions of fish species native to the Sacheon Sea, including the pink shark, black sea bream, red sea bream, flounder, and sea bream. These fish are portrayed with such vividness and detail that they appear to be leaping out of the water.

Trick art employs a painting technique that uses optical illusions to create three-dimensional effects. These scientific techniques transform flat drawings into lifelike images that seem to come alive.

Anglers and tourists visiting the area can enjoy a unique and entertaining experience by taking photos with the trick art, creating memorable and imaginative images.

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