(Image: Gijang-gun)

The Jwagwangcheon Trail in Gijang-gun is blossoming with vibrant tulips, heralding the arrival of spring.

The Gijang County Office in Busan revealed that they have transformed the Jwagwangcheon area into a tulip paradise, boasting a stunning display of 35,000 tulips.

Jwagwangcheon, a picturesque 14.5 km local river, serves as a popular walking path for residents, spanning from Byeongsangol, Jeonggwan-eup to Imnang Beach, Jangan-eup.

The Gijang-gun Office meticulously planted tulips along the slopes adjacent to iconic bridges such as Dalsangyo Bridge, Gangbyeongyo Bridge, Yongsanggyo Bridge, and Jungang Bridge in the Jwagwangcheon area.

Their aim is to provide residents with a delightful tulip-viewing experience while strolling along the trail.

These tulips were cultivated by the county office, starting from bulbs purchased last November, and nurtured in a greenhouse at a local nursery for three months.

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