With the early onset of summer heat, the convenience store industry is accelerating the release of summer health foods to meet rising customer demand.

Sales of nutritious convenience foods like samgyetang and sagol gomtang increased by about 25% in May and June compared to the same period last year at 7-Eleven. In response, 7-Eleven will start its nutritious food event a week earlier than usual, in preparation for Chobok on the 15th. The event will feature discounts and 1+1 offers on 12 types of nutritious convenience foods, including samgyetang, grilled eel, and chicken dishes.

GS25 has also released six new convenient health food products one to two weeks earlier than usual.

Sales of GS25’s approximately 40 types of convenient health food products in Q2 2023 increased by 380.5% compared to last year.

GS25 attributes this surge to the early summer heat and rising dining-out costs, driving demand for affordable health food options. To stabilize prices during Boknal, a 1+1 event will run until the 31st for products like Yuus Harim Mara Bangyetang and Yuus Myungpum Galbitang.

GS The Fresh is also focusing on selling eight types of convenient health food products until the 31st.

Ottogi Refrigerated Samgyetang, released on the 22nd of last month, is a GS The Fresh 50th-anniversary exclusive product and will be available for 6,000 to 7,000 won with GS Pay during Chobok, Jungbok, and Malbok.

Additionally, a one-week discount event for 120,000 raw chickens will start today.

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