Lotte Chilsung Beverage Launches ‘New Apricot Garden’ Pop-Up Store in Busan

(Image: Lotte Chilsung Beverage)

Lotte Chilsung Beverage will operate a ‘New Apricot Garden’ pop-up store on Seomyeon Youth Street from May 17 to June 9.

This pop-up store, showcasing Lotte Chilsung’s newly released ‘Saero Apricot,’ offers an immersive experience with media art and interactive programs. This event marks the first pop-up in Busan for ‘New Apricot’.

Visitors can enjoy the ‘Apricot Drinking Table,’ featuring new apricots and traditional snacks, and visit a sales corner for exclusive goods.

‘Saero Apricot’ is a distilled liquor with 12% alcohol content which combines apricot juice with zero sugar soju ‘Saero’ to reduce the bitterness of traditional soju, offering a fresher taste than existing fruit liquors.

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