Going on a snacking tour in Hongdae is a fun way to discover a variety of enticing Korean foods and treats. Enjoy the snacks while strolling around the lively streets brimming with a youthful atmosphere, street performances and trendy shops. Sampling the neighborhood’s street-food options has become a popular social media trend, so don’t be surprised to see locals and tourists taking videos and photos of Hongdae’s delicious offerings.

Unlike street food in some tourist areas, Hongdae keeps most goodies at reasonable prices as local culture is cherished in this area. Each snack usually costs around 3,000 to 4,000 won so make sure to sample several different options to fully experience the diverse delights!

Street Food Alley

Head to Hongdae’s Street Food Alley where you’ll find candied fruit skewers, waffles, cakes, donuts, ice cream and more. FYI, some famous shops may have long lines, but don’t hesitate to line up as your turn will come quickly and is worth the wait.

Address: Hongik-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Naver Map

Popular snacks on social media!

32cm Ice Cream

Enjoy the challenge of finishing this long soft ice cream for 3,000 won. It’s served with one or two flavors in a single ice cream cone and the options include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mango, yogurt, and green tea. Be mindful of holding it carefully to prevent it from falling to the ground!

Marshmallow Ice Cream

Inspired by roasting marshmallows over an open fire, this sweet treat doesn’t require a campfire. Choose from the available ice cream flavors and watch as the vendor uses a blow torch to roast the outer marshmallow right before your eyes. The toasted marshmallow exterior pairs well with the creamy, ice-cold ice cream inside.

Candied Fruit (Tanghulu)

Candied fruit is a stick of fresh strawberries or grapes, coated with hardened sugar syrup. Every bite offers a great balance of sweetness and tartness.

10-won Cheese Bread

Originally a regional specialty of Gyengju, a historical city, this pastry has made its way to the streets of Hongdae. Resembling the 10 won coin in appearance, it features an image of a stone pagoda from the ancient Silla Kingdom in Gyoengju. This bread is filled with rich, thick mozzarella cheese, giving a great combination of sweetness, softness, and chewiness all together.

Speakin’ Korean: Snacking tour

Hello: Annyeong-haseyo (안녕하세요)

Thanks: Gamsa-hamnida (감사합니다)

Snack: Gansik (간식)

Let’s try this: Igeo meogeo-boja (이거 먹어보자) *Informal

What’s inside?: Ane mwo-ga deureo-isseoyo? (안에 뭐가 들어있어요?)

Can I have this one?: Igeo hana juseyo (이거 하나 주세요)

How much is it?: Igeo eolmayeyo? (이거 얼마예요?)

What is the other flavor?: Dareun maseun mwo-yeyo? (다른 맛은 뭐예요?)

It’s delicious!: Masisseoyo! (맛있어요!)

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