One of the most common phrases you’ll practice when learning a foreign language involves expressing hunger or fullness. Food is a great entry point into a new culture and a new life abroad, plus they are a fun way to show off your language skills before or after a meal with friends.

When you want to tell someone “I’m hungry,” you can use: “baegopayo.”

If you want to say, “I’m full,”,use: “baebulleoyo.” Let’s practice: “I’m hungry.” = 배고파요. (baegopayo) - standard = 배고픕니다. (baegopeumnida) - formal = 배고파. (Baegopa) - informal (bae 배 = stomach, go-peu-da 고프다 = to be hungry)

“I’m full.” = 배불러요. (baebulleoyo) – standard = 배부릅니다. (baebureumnida) - formal = 배불러. (baebulleo) – informal (bae 배 = stomach, bu-reu-da 부르다 = to be full)

Stay safe and keep an eye out for the next Speakin’ Korean lesson.

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