Noryangjin Fish Market

Noryangjin Fish Market (Hyemin Lee)

If you’re a seafood lover, Noryangjin Fish Market (노량진 수산시장) is a great spot to visit and explore.

This market is a top destination among foreigners for many reasons. Without a doubt, the Noryangjin Fish Market is one of the best places to find incredibly fresh seafood in the center of Seoul. Also, before having a seafood feast, seeing a variety of sea creatures swimming in water tanks is a very unique experience.

When visiting the market, you’ll feel like you are in a special aquarium where you can select the displays as your dinner.

Things to know

Location: Seoul Metro Line 1,9 Noryangjin station exit 9


  • Markets: runs 24 hours, but many closed by 10 p.m. (No holiday off)

  • Restaurants: 10 a.m.-10 p.m. (Mostly)

1st & 2nd floors: Fresh things from the sea

2nd floor: Dried and salted seafood

2nd & 5th floors: Restaurants

3rd & 4th floors: Parking lots

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