The renowned Arte Museum, specializing in media and digital art, is holding a pre-sale event ahead of its grand opening in Busan on July 19th.

The Busan branch, located at 29 Haeyang-ro 247beongil, Yeongdo-gu, spans 1,700 pyeong and is the museum’s 8th branch globally.

The exhibition features 19 works themed ‘CIRCLE’, highlighting the natural and cultural elements of Busan. Notably, 16 of these pieces are new, alongside three of Arte Museum’s representative works.

A world-first collaboration with the Musée d’Orsay in France will be unveiled, and visitors can also enjoy ‘Starry Beach’, a piece that has garnered significant attention at international galleries and exhibitions.

During the pre-sale period, which runs until July 18th, the first 100,000 tickets are available at a 50% discount on weekdays and a 30% discount on weekends and public holidays, valid until the end of the year. Tickets can be purchased on the Arte Museum website (kr.artemuseum.com) and Naver.

Arte Museum Busan is the largest of its kind worldwide, joining other branches in Jeju, Gangneung, and Yeosu in Korea; Las Vegas in the United States; Chengdu and Hong Kong in China; and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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