Bullfighting (Jinju City)

Jinju City is once again holding the ‘Saturday Permanent Jinju Bullfighting Games’ at the Traditional Bullfighting Arena in Panmun-dong through September every Saturday from 1:30 to 5:00 p.m.

It is said that the Jinju bullfight originated from a banquet to commemorate the victory of Silla against Baekje in 666.

During the Japanese colonial period, the suppressed anger of the nation was radiated through bullfighting.

In bullfighting, there are various techniques like traditional wrestling, such as field fighting, head hitting, neck shearing, and horn fighting. Bullfighting can be considered a gentleman’s game as there is a rule that ends when one side loses its spirit and withdraws.

The ‘Saturday Permanent Jinju Bullfighting Competition’ hosted by Jinju City and the Jinju Bullfighting Association inspires pride as the origin of folk bullfighting in Jinju, inherits and develops the tradition of bullfighting, and supports livestock farmers and has a distinctive theme.

It has been held since 2006 as a special tourism product.

Last year, from April to September, high-level competitions were held for each weight class: Gap (801 kg or more), Eul (701 to 800 kg), and Byeong (600 to 700 kg).

A spirited announcer also delighted the eyes and ears of the spectators by narrating the lively matches of the fighting bulls with his witty words.

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