When traveling between cities in Korea, trains are a popular choice. However, taking an express bus is also a convenient and affordable alternative. Depending on the departure and arrival locations, express buses can sometimes be even more efficient than trains. Thanks to bus lanes, express buses can promise you almost consistent arrival times, regardless of traffic.

Finding a seat is usually easier on buses than on trains, making it convenient to purchase tickets on the same day of the trip. It’s recommended to book a ticket in advance, especially on weekends and holidays.

There are two types of express buses, each operated by different companies. One is called Express Bus (Gosok Bus-고속버스) and the other one is called Intercity Bus (Sioe Bus-시외버스). It's important to note that depending on the company, they use different terminals and websites. Due to this reason, there are often two express bus terminals in the same area within a few minutes distance from each other. So, be sure not to get confused about which terminal to head to depending on the destination.

- Intercity Bus (Sioe Bus-시외버스)

Intercity Buses may make stops at various points between the departure and destination, which could make the travel time longer compared to Express Buses.

Both the website and mobile app provide English services. However, reservations are currently only available in Korean. You can still check bus schedules and the number of available seats.

- Express Bus (Gosok Bus-고속버스)

The website offers English services, and booking with a foreign credit card is available. Express Buses provide a direct journey without intermediate stopes while traveling from the departure point to the destination.

Gunsan to Seoul by express bus

Gunsan is a place where express buses can be a more convenient option than trains when heading to Seoul. Compared to the train, an express bus is cheaper and can be quicker. There is an Intercity Bus terminal right next to Express Bus terminal, so please make sure you’re using Express Bus Terminal when traveling Seoul.

  • Express bus: Gunsan Express Bus Terminal à Central City Terminal (Line3,7,9. Express Bus Terminal Station)

Duration: 2 hrs 25 mins Price: 22,000 won Address: Gunsan Express Bus Terminal, 30 Haemang-ro, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Naver Map

  • Regular train (Mugunghwa, ITX): Gunsan Station to Yongsan Station

Duration: 3.5 hrs Price: 14,500 won to 21,600 won

  • KTX: Iksan Station to Yongsan Station

Duration: 1 hr 25 mins Price: 32,000 won

This option may seem the fastest trip but Iksan station is about 37 km (35 minutes) way from Kunsan Airbase.

Gunsan to Central City

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