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There are few things that cause panic on a sightseeing trip. Your phone about to die and not having a portable charger or cord is one of them. In Korea, however, many restaurants and cafés offer a free phone-charging service. So, while you re-charge with a coffee or delicious meal, your phone can do the same. To use this service, simply ask an employee at the cashier counter whether they have a charger or not. Most newer or popular establishments have a charger station available.

Ask an employee to charge your phone!

- Can you charge my phone? Hand-pon chung-jeon hal-su isseoyo? (핸드폰 충전 할 수 있어요?)

- Charger: Chung-jeon-gi (충전기)

- Cell phone: Hand-pon (핸드폰)

Charge your phone

(Photo by Hyemin Lee)

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