Getting exercise and maintaining social distancing these days may also mean that for many of you, riding a bike is an option. In South Korea, traffic laws also include cyclists on the roadways.

One important rule to be aware of as you hop on for a refreshing bike ride around your neighborhood is that cyclists are required to walk their bikes through the crosswalk.

This applies to situations when you’re on a designated bike path that leads through a crosswalk. According to traffic law, when a vehicle hits a bicycle, it is considered a twovehicle incident. To avoid this, cyclists are required to dismount and walk their bicycle across the crosswalk. There is an exception to this rule when riding through a designated red lane protected for cyclists, so you can ride freely across this lane.

Remember when riding a bike, if there is no designated bike lane, to keep to the right on the general roadway. Stay safe and happy pedaling!

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