(KORAIL Busan-Gyeongnam Headquarters)

The full-scale operation of the KTX-Cheongryong (EMU-320) train began on the 1st, bolstering the Gyeongbu Line’s KTX services, and elevating weekly operations to six trips.

With two runs on weekdays and four on weekends, the new train aims to address the pressing demand for intercity travel between Busan and Seoul.

Each of the two newly introduced trains comprises eight cars, with a total of 515 seats.

On weekends, when demand peaks, a coupled train arrangement will provide an additional 1,030 seats per journey, significantly enhancing transport capacity. In comparison, existing KTX services on the Gyeongbu Line offer 108 weekday trips and 130 on weekends, with 18 cars per train accommodating 955 passengers.

The KTX-Cheongryong, heralded as Korea’s fastest train, operates at a maximum speed of 320 km/h, showcasing cutting-edge domestic technology.

With wider seating and improved acceleration, the train promises a faster journey, with the Seoul-Busan route clocking in at approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes — a significant reduction from the previous 2 hours and 40 minutes. Stops are limited to Busan, Dongdae, Daejeon, and Seoul stations.

As part of broader rail enhancements, the Gyeongbu Line will see the inclusion of ITX and Nuri trains. ITX-Maum will offer four weekly services, while Nuriro will run twice weekly, bolstering transportation capacity.

The ITX-Maum will also introduce additional stops at Miryang and Mulgeum stations, further improving accessibility along the route.

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